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How Isoi and Ebum came to be wed

Authors note: This is a very rough draft of the story.


At the home of the gods, there was a commotion going about as the goddess of Isoi had a nightmare that she was to be wed to a powerful man who appeared to her in her dream, but the figure was shaded in a way so that his face could not be discerned. Fearing that this shadowy figure was an omen that her husband to be would be evil, or cruel, Isoi fled to a cave where she hid away.   Meanwhile, the gods grew worried when Isoi did not return. They all set out to look for her, and just as it happened, the stream in which the goddess hid rippled the secret all the way to Ebums ears. Now that he knew where she was, he hurried there. As he entered the cave, Isoi cried out for she was freightened by the backlit man entering her hideout.   Ebum soothed her with his voice, singing a song of his own loneliness. Isoi dried her tears, and asked how come Ebum did not yet have a wife if he was so lonely. He replied that he only had eyes for her. With this revelation, Isoi's fears began to wane.   She asked Ebum to prove his feelings to her, by bringing her the XXXX of an ZZZZ.   Doing what she asked, eager to have revealed his true feelings, Ebum set out to bring Isoi the rarest of XXXX he could find.   (Adventure of how XXXX was fetched to be added) (Not wanting to leave Isoi alone, he left his servant there. The servant talks well of Ebum and how fortune Isoi would be in their marriage).   Finally returning to the home of the gods, Ebum and Isoi are joined together and soon have their child, who they name Eva.

Historical Basis

The cave in which Isoi hid has been theorized to be in the mountains of eastern Askirah, some even suggests it's the very cave in which the famed The healing fount of Embura is located.

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