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The healing fount of Embura

"If you are feeling unwell and sick, you ought to sniff out the healing fount of Embura"
- Advice for traveling in Askirah.

Purpose / Function

The original pond was a natural water source which flowed underground. It had likely been not completely unknown to travellers as it was not completely hidden. Eventually as more people became aware of the the natural well it attracted settlers. These new inhabitants would build a simple shrine to their god of water (and fertility), Ebum, on the site.   As the well became more well known, so did it's reputation as a source of healing. Eventually it would reach the sick ears of the king Kaibel, who travelled there and was miraculously cured from his illness. Not wanting to be ungrateful, the king would fund a temple adjacent to the well and a bigger and lavish shrine to the deity that saved his life.   The temple became a sort of extension to the cult of Ebum and their people would work tirelessly to keep the temple ready for any who needed their healing skills.


King Kaibel was quite adamant that the cave in which the water was flowing from should not be altered in any way (as to not disturb the holiness within), so the alterations he introduced was mainly to the outside paved paths that could be swept, walls and buildings to house the members of Ebums followers. And of course the temple itself.


The healing pond of Embura was built by the Askiran king Kaibel, the year XXXX (to be added). It has stood as a safe haven for the sick and wounded for about four hundred years, and the healers who inhabit the village close by are quite hospitable to travelers.


Many nobles travel to the temple of Embura to socialize.   Pius worshippers travel far and wide from all over Askirah to take part of the founts supposed healing properties, and to pray. The nearby town have some desert desserts in which they specialize in. It is helped that it is located on the trade route going through Askirah.

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