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Prompt 8: Greith Mountain and the Grove

Greith Mountain has to be protected by some spirit. No one and I mean no one who goes to the top returns. They are either frozen stiff or lucky enough to be let in to the Grove.  Only those the spirit accepts are able to enter and no one is willing to leave such a place. Though anything is possible in this world of magic, so it has to be true. -A man with a Beard and cup of Ale
    Greith Mountain overshadows most of the Frozen Lands as the largest mountain in all the land. Many stories were told about it being the seat of power to the gods or a sacred place were one can reach the realm of spirits. Though one story that persisted is the story of the grove.   The Grove is a beautiful place said to be hidden from within the mountain. That if one were to make it to the top of the mountain they would see the grove within. There they would find all manor of plants and creatures that made it a paradise. Though only someone with a pure heart can enter the grove. As any one else would end up frozen at the sight of it. No one has proven if the tale is right or not. As no one has ever returned from going to the top of the mountain.   Many have stayed at the bottom and even some have mined some of the resources below. Though when the wind hits right no one can deny the fragrant smells that come from above.


The Greith Mountain and the Grove is a set of stories that try to explain what lies above the mountain. The tale is about a sacred grove guarded by an Ice spirit. That the Grove it's self is home to the embodiment of nature who brings harmony to anyone who enters. Only those pure are allowed past the spirit. Those who enter though have no reason to leave.

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