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Spirits of Frosttfield Crater


While there are many myths about the creation of Frosttfield crater, the most popular is angry spirits of ice caused an explosion. The suspected reason for the explosion was that the people of Frosttfield were hunting the ice spirits for alchemical substances. Those who have explored the crater reported seeing shimmering figures that look like they are made of webs of ice.
Hunters and trappers that work nearby tell stories that the ice spirits freeze any animal or person that wander to close. The frozen creatures then are slowly turned into ice. The frozen creatures are eaten by the ice spirits and then the ice spirits grow in power.
The differences in each story is how the ice spirits grow in power. Some say that the ice spirits become more physical as they feed. Others say that the ice spirits grow bigger. Other stories say that the spirits gain even more power over ice. Every story does agree that the spirits do not attack people wearing winter sage on them.


There are ice spirits that live around Frosttfield Crater. The spirits, however, were not the cause of the crater. Also, the ice spirits are incapable of feeding on material plane natives. The ice spirits were sent by the greater elemental Ksharaa, the Frostwave to investigate the crater and protect anything of interest found in it. They have found something, so they attack and freeze any intruders. The frozen intruders are then teleported to Ksharaa. Any water or ice elemental is allowed free passage into the crater, but is not allowed to see what was found within the crater.
If any of the ice elementals are killed or removed from the crater's vicinity, all ice elementals in the area become empowered by Ksharaa's power. This is why the stories of the Frosttfield Crater always include the ice spirits gaining power.

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