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The existence of The Nest

For the longer time, the people of The Pit wondered where do the monsters inhabiting it come from. And while there are smaller nests that show up here and there, where's the real point of origin?
And that's when the idea of The Nest was born.   According to the stories, deep down in The Depths, either on the border of the influence of The Tree, or even deeper down (farther than humans can go), there is a giant nest, where all of the hostile creatures come from. Walls covered with swarms crawling on them, incubators constructed to house thousands of eggs, a place filled with chirps, growls, squeals, and sounds of countless legs.  

Arguments against

It is highly disputed if The Nest really exists in the first place. There are a few counterarguments used that could disprove it:  
  • The growing number of creatures the deeper one goes could be wrongly misattributed to the fact that the Glow of The Tree, which would scare them away, doesn't reach that far. Most of the creatures try to avoid it so on the layers closest to it, their numbers are smaller and gradually grow farther from it.
  • While bigger, loner creatures tend to move a lot and their movements have been recorded, migrations on the bigger scale have never been witnessed.
  • It is highly unlikely that the creatures, most of which are carnivores, would all live in one area in perfect harmony without attacking each other.

Previous cultures

It seems like the previous inhabitants of The Pit also tried to figure out if The Nest really exists. There have been records left by them in The Depths that told the stories of those who tried to descend down to try to figure out this mystery. In fact, one of the said records was what started this theory. Sadly, no record of a successful expedition has been found.

Looking down

While the existence of The Nest is still uncertain, it is known that looking down the main shaft of The Pit in The Depths, where the glow of The Tree doesn't reach brings some kind of primal, subconscious dread. As if one was watched by hundreds of eyes from below. The unpleasant feeling grows in strength the longer one watches and the deeper they are.
What's unusual is that on the higher layers looking down only brings discomfort to those who fear heights.

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Jul 14, 2021 22:28 by rissa

I love how deceptively spoopy this is! The "looking down" bit in the sidebar gave me chills.