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Aara's Sacrifice

The tale of the goddess Aara's sacrifice is the creation myth of the world and the Sucari people. Although the fine details are often changed or embellished upon from generation to generation, the core of the myth centers on Aara, the Goddess of Creation, Asuna, the God of the Sea, and Akan, the God of the Sky. It tells of the power struggle between the three gods and, eventually, Aara's decision to sacrifice herself in an effort to create balance between her warring brothers.


Almost all variations of Aara's Sacrifice begin with three sibling deities: Aara, Asuna, and Akan. Aara was the Goddess of Creation (Life), Asuna was the God of the Sea, and Akan was the God of the Sky.   In the void of nothingness, Aara crafted life by breathing into ineshti crystals, plucked from her heart. To give her sister's first creations a home, Asuna created the roaring seas and their silent, infinite depths.   Then, Aara created more life, and this time, it was Akan who gave them a home in the skies. He shone the sun on them and set the wind to lift their wings.   The two brothers then bickered about which of their creations were better, more powerful, and more graceful. Their arguments caused ravaging storms and onslaughts of drought. Aara, the middle child, was caught between the warring gods.   It was then that she created the first plants, which would need both Asuna's waters and Akan's bright skies. The brothers fought once again over which could better harbor the plants in their domains, and the plants soon perished.   Aara tried again, with different plants and different life forms, but they would not survive on the tumultuous, proud waters of Asuna, nor under the harsh, overbearing light of Akan.   Finally, Aara decided that she had had enough of her brothers' petty, destructive disputes. She, herself, would create a safe haven for mortal creatures.   Using all that was left of the ineshti in her heart, she planted herself firmly after finding a suitable spot of reasonable tides and sunlight. The ineshti coursed through her, covering her and transforming her into a massive tree.   From her roots grew the island of Sucar, which became too thick and strong for Asuna's waters to break them down. From her branches grew shade against Akan's harshness. Having found the balance between her brothers, her creations flourished. The sea creatures found abundance in food and shelter. The birds were able to nest and bring forth multiple generations. Animals on the land grazed and frolicked in the meadows and burrowed deep in the safety of cool earth.   When she was satisfied with her work, there was one yet mortal creature for Aara to create: the Sucari people. They would be the gentle caretakers and celebrants of the lands she had crafted. From the ineshti-infused petals of lavender and amethyst that grew from her branches, she carefully contemplated and waited for the right season. With the flowers in full bloom and ready to depart, she released her last breath to let them go.   The petals scattered into the wind, landing on the earth that she had created. Each petal was a founding ancestor of the Sucari people, and as they rose from the earth, Aara's branches withered. Her body became one with the earth, and her heart was imbued in the spirit of the Sucari people -- the peacekeepers between sky and water, and the shepherds of life.

Cultural Reception

The Veiled Bridge is the landmark where Aara is said to have performed this sacrifice. Nicknamed Aara's Rest, the isthmus of Sucar has the highest abundance of ineshti along its coasts, and it is regularly covered in a magical lavender mist.   Some say the mist is a product of the shared tears between Asuna and Akan, who continue to grieve the loss of their beloved sister and struggle to bear the guilt of causing her desperate act.


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