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The Trolgwar and the Hill of Oaths

First Era tradition tells that after the Godswar the remaining hill giants were led by two brothers, Truuk and Mandir. Truuk was a great hunter and warrior while Mandir was a priest of the Earthfather. One day the brothers quarreled. Truuk argued that the hill giants were the weakest of the giant kin and had been poorly treated by the Earthfather. Mandir insisted that hill giants were still more powerful than the non giant races. He contended that the Earthfather had created all the giant kin differently for a reason and it was their place to be content with what they had been given.   Truuk left the settlement and walked to the top of a nearby hill, where he sat in thought. As he pondered Mephrezhon, the Primordial of Metal rose from the hill. Noticing the solitary giant, the primordial asked why he looked so troubled. Truuk answered, "Oh Great One, I am grieved for the position of my people, for we are the least of the giants, and have non the gifts of the other kindreds. My brother says that we should be contend with being greater than the small races, but that is not our place. When the War began the lesser races fled and hid where they could, while we sallied forth to strive against the demons with the other giant kin and the dragons. And we suffered grievously, loosing more of our numbers than any other, for truly, of every eight of my brethren that fought, only three returned."   Mephreszhon thought and then replied, "Your words are true. Your brethren did pay a heavy price for their assistance against the demons. While I hope you will never be called to do so again, I will prepare you for future need and reward past service. I have placed within this hill and many like it a special ore. The knowledge of its use is known only by my children. I will share this knowledge with you, if you swear not to raise a hand to my children. With this metal you will grow as powerful as any giant or dragon. Go, speak to your brethren, and return with any that wish this knowledge."   Truuk ran down the hill and returned to the settlement. He gathered all the hill giants and spoke to them of Mephreszhon's offer. The hill giants were pleased and prepared to leave for the hill. Then Mandir rose and spoke to them of Escalmanir's Fourth Word, begging them to be content and not seek beyond themselves lest it lead to their ruin. So passionately did he speak, that most of the assembled giants became afraid, and went back to their homes. When he finished, only three of every eight giants still stood with Truuk. The warrior looked around and said, "This is fitting. Thus did my brethren return from the Godswar, and thus shall we go forth from this reckoning."   Truuk and his followers ascended the hill where Mephreszhon waited. There the assembled giants swore friendship to the dwarves and rejected any aggression against them for all generations. Mephreszhon leveled his gaze on them and spoke once more. "With the knowledge I will give you, you will truly take your place among the greater races. Will you focus on the higher issues, forswearing the affairs of the lesser races?"   When the giants had all sworn Mephreszhon bowed his head and each giant gained the knowledge of ironworking. Mephreszhon then spoke one last time, imparting a final warning, "Use your knowledge well and heed what you have sworn. You now have the heart of iron. Corrupt it at your lasting peril." With that the primordial departed.   Truuk and his followers moved to the base of the and begin to dig for the ore. They left the summit untouched as a reminder of the place where they were changed forever. No longer were they hill giants; they were the Trolgwar, the iron giants.


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