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Devin Lives

Sadok had searched for so long for his brother. Since the battle with the lich. Devin was very powerful but reckless and impulsive, he had always been a reckless jackass. He had heard rumors and stories of a half-crazed elf living in the Kalarrian Caves. They were said to be many thing, haunted, tainted, the nexus of leylines, or a breach to the realms beyond. It made sense that after the battle Devin would be drawn here, like a moth to flame. He still blames Nacian, we should have never trusted him. Sadok flexed the six finger of his right hand, they were restless and needed blood and battle.  
By his oath and his name he would find his brother or die trying.  
— Sadok Aglavane, Dark Rider on the Spirit Winds of Vengence


  He could almost hear Devin writing the future in his mind.  
  I am Devin Solas, I am Elrath, and I am Doom.
Born Blooded of Illefarm son the Moon Shay Isles
Sword & Swords of the Tel Quessir
Bleeder of Orcs & Goblins, Scorge of the One Eye
Wielder of Power & Vengeance, Breaker of Hellgate Keep
Baron of Sulthon Ni Shoang of the Arch Duchy of Velron, Askalhorn
Speaker of the Mouth of Death
Once Ago Defender of Valeron and Holder of the Star during the First Year of Elven Ascension
Victor at Lark / Loudwater
Defender of the Fallenlands
Wolf of Ulek
Travler of the Worlds
Slayer of Tiamat
    As he stepped into the mouth of the cave he saw Devin. His heart skipped a beat. Devin's clothing torn of dingy looking, yet still bristling with weapons. Devin did not relax upon seeing Sadok, in fact his eyes bore the look of madness with no recollection.


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