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The Creation of Gods' Lake

Gods' Lake is a large lake in central Lustria, bordering the Black Mountains on the north and south, the Sand Hills to the west, and the Black Hills to the east. Amia, Lustria's capital, lies upon the central western bank of Gods' Lake. Gods' Lake has a medium sized island in the middle of it called Athena's Eye, upon which Amia's greatest place of worship, the Pantheon, is located. But besides being known for being a beautiful, clear blue lake; the site of the pantheon; and the home of the Amians, Gods' Lake is known for the many myths surrounding it.

One popular myth is the story behind the lake's creation. The Lustrians believe that Gods' Lake was created during the battle between the gods and the outsiders, who attempted to invade Morgrave from their home on the moon but were ultimately defeated by the gods. This specific myth concerns one of the gods' final attacks on one of the outsiders' final bastions on Morgrave. As the story goes, the outsiders built a massive castle over the spot where the lake now sits, though at the time there was no lake. They planned to bide their time and grow in power so they could kill the gods and take over Morgrave for themselves.   The gods, however, had different plans. They sat in council for weeks and discussed what was to be done. Ares wanted to storm the castle by the front door and defeat the outsiders in open combat. Zeus wanted to brew up a torrential storm to destroy the castle. But The Traitor (one of the gods whose name has been stricken from the annals of history as punishment for his transgressions against the other gods) convinced them all to enter the outsiders' castle in secret. The Traitor said he would build a giant wooden horse, large enough to fit all the gods, and bring it to the castle. The outsiders would believe it to be a gift and bring it in the gates, then the gods would jump out and slay them all.   The gods agreed to this plan, but decided to keep Apollo in the sky to call on him if they needed him. The gods got in the horse and allowed themselves to be taken into the castle. The Traitor was going to sell them out, but Athena, in her wisdom, discovered the Traitor's plot from the things he said and the look on his face. From the inside of the horse, Athena used her shining shield to reflect torchlight from the massive sconces in the castle up to the heavens where Apollo was waiting on his flying chariot. Apollo knew something was wrong and he plucked a star from the heavens and threw it at the castle. Seeing the meteor coming and at Athena's call, Ares ripped open the horse and the gods fled through the still open gates as Apollo's meteor crashed into the castle, destroying it and filling the crater with water from the heavens. The island left in the lake was named after Athena's ever watchful eye.   This account of the story is widely considered to be true, and it does explain the abundance of outsider artifacts located around the shore of the lake.


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