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The Shifting Castle

Deep in the desert of The Giovan Dunes (Region), there are many stories about a castle made of crystal. The castle never stays in one place for long before it fades once more into the sands. The shifting nature of this castle make it quite a challenge to locate. The lord of this castle is (or was?) a powerful wizard by the name of Olivier.  
  • One of the tales tell of a hero who had a loved one fall under a terrible curse, and they sought out the Lord of the Crystal Castle to beg for his assistance. Their quest led them all over the Giovan Dunes, through cities, villages, wilderness, and crossing both the Ten and Thirty Year mountain ranges. After an arduous journey, the hero managed to find their way to the castle and was rude to its lord, and was never heard from again. However: Their loved one found that their curse was soon lifted, though they did not know who to thank.
  • Another tale tells of a beautiful woman who found a delicately carved stone flower outside her window every morning, until after a few weeks she had a whole bouquet of them. Whispers of a mysterious admirer surged through the city, but no-one could seem to catch the one who was leaving them. One night she stood up all evening in order to hopefully catch a glimpse of the mysterious suitor, and in the morning she was gone from her home and never seen in person again. Once a year however, a bouquet of crystal flowers arrives with a pouch full of gems and coins: no-one seems to be able to catch the deliverer, but a quick note hidden in the bag suggests that she was now happily living in the Crystal Castle.
  • A third tale mentions how a landship captain who was seeking out a Leviathan Dune Digger who had wronged him as a young man found his prey, but unfortunately his ship and crew was not up to the challenge. Only a handful of them escaped the maw of the gargantuan beast, and they found themselves stranded in the sand seas of the Giovan Dunes.   That evening as they were cautiously moving in the direction they hoped a nearby settlement would be located, a glimmering light appeared over the next dune. They had found their ways to the court of Lord Olivier, and while the two young crew members accompanying him decided ultimately to stay the captain sought only passage to pursue his vendetta further. He told his tales in taverns for many a year seeing another boat and crew, but few were willing to take a risk on him after his lengthy history with the beast.  
  • There are rumors that the Royal Statue Garden in Mariosa were gifts to the Dizzeyas dynasty from lord Olivier. Darker rumors that these lifelike statues were once enemies of the Royal Family are very quietly muttered, but never in the company of those especially loyal to the Pharoahs.  
  • Many other rumors abound regarding the Crystal Castle, speculating on how it still manages to move from place to place since The Death of Magic left most wizards weakened or powerless.  

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