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County Qeador

County Qeador (pronounced "Kay-door" - from the Nuairan Qeandor et Tethel, meaning "From Mountain to Sea") is the largest of the three counties in the Kingdom of Falcrest governed by Citizen's Councils and divides the other two Council Counties, with County Vieaynr to the north and County Cantrell to the south.   The County's capital, Tamorcel lies in the northern region, along the banks of the Midafair Sea. On the far west edge of the county rise the mountains of the Dunmaer Plateau. The county's southern border with County Vaedal runs along a series of valleys, while its eastern border with County Beonid runs along the foothills that form the basin for Beoril Bay.


Dunmaer Migration

Roughly 4,000 years before the arrival of the Nuaira, the Dunmaer precursors crossed Midafair Lake and settled the land all the way south to the Outfair Ocean. The Sjeki Tribe ends up establishing themselves as the dominant Dunmaer tribe in the region, with the Paeli Tribe occupying the southern coast.  

Nuaira Exploration

In 903 CE, the Omathi Expedition travels into the region to chronicle the flora and fauna. They make contact with the Dunmaer tribes, who are isolationist and do not seek further contact.  

Falle's Discovery

Main Article: Wolfweald War   Prior to the arrival of Zachariah Falle and the Golden Expedition, the Wolfweald was home to the Dunmaer Sjeki Tribe, who had occupied the territory for nearly five-thousand years. Falle had sought, at first, to make peace with the Sjeki, but was rebuffed time and again by the tribal elders.   When Falle returned to Ubressa due to matters of state, the Golden Expedition engaged in an armed conflict with the Three-Rivers Sjeki, slaughtering the tribe and establishing a foothold in the southwestern Wolfweald. This action brought about reprisal from neighboring Sjeki, who used nature magic to slow and strike at the Golden Expedition. Over a three-month period in 1246, several conflicts took place throughout the forest, and all but one member of the Golden Expedition was killed.  
"They came out of the woods, my liege. Hundreds of them, men with the blood of beasts, feral and barbaric! We could not stop them, there were so many! The forest itself seemed to answer their call. I speak only truth, my lord: the trees crushed our men like... like bugs!"   ~Karim Rostami, Survivor
  In 1247, Falle and the Crown Army of Falcrest marched on the Wolfweald. The campaign to eradicate the Sjeki lasted for six months, ending only due to superior numbers and a willingness to cut back the forest. While the Sjeki were slaughtered to the last man, local superstition and rumor state that the tribes were not killed, but instead joined with the beasts that they had invoked.  

Modern Times

In 1256 the County was officially designated by the Kingdom of Falcrest, under the auspices of the Gane Family.

From Lake to Mountain

Founding Date
Geopolitical, County / March
Alternative Names
Qeadolt (Pejorative)
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Economic System
Mixed economy
Outside of the larger settlements, barter serves as the dominant method of payment. Inside the larger settlements, the coin of the Kingdom of Falcrest is circulated.  
  • Platinum Falle
  • Gold Crown
  • Silver Olea
  • Copper Ash
Legislative Body
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

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