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Kaladisian Arbiter

The Kaladisian Arbiter is a title held by prominent members of the Church of Kaladis. While some Arbiters are laypeople, most tend to be Divine Magic spellcasters. The rigid structure and community focus occasionally draws paladins to the ranks of the Arbiters.   Collectively, the Kaladisian Arbiters are known as the Judiciary and functions much in the way of civil courts. Local Arbiters focus on cases within their community and smaller communities nearby, while an appellate court focuses on disputes and cases that have already been heard by local Arbiters.


An Arbiter must have reached the age of majority according to the laws of their community, have no legal transgressions, and swear to uphold the laws of Kaladis and the laws of their community. An Arbiter must swear to act justly and remain neutral in all disputes.


An Arbiter is appointed by a Regional priest of the Church of Kaladis in a binding ceremony before the highest official in the community the Arbiter serves. If an Arbiter is responsible for multiple communities, the ritual is repeated in each.   The confirmation of an Arbiter is cause for celebration: in smaller communities, this tends to be a post-confirmation festival that includes weddings, business contract signings, and the dedication of new buildings or vessels. In larger communities, the confirmation can be lavish and extravagant affair attended by the upper echelon of society, with a parade featuring the Arbiter candidate, and often coincides with major binding agreements (peace treaties, noble marriages, etc) that the new Arbiter is to bear witness to.


The Arbiter is responsible for weighing the facts and evidence of disputes in their communities, functioning much the same way as a civilian judge might. As most communities do not have a standing court, the Kaladisian Arbiter often travels to communities within their jurisdiction to hear cases.   Like priests of Kaladis, the Arbiter is also expected to witness or officiate the commencement of contracts, including marriages and business deals if no other priest is available.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Arbiter wears a grey cloak that represents their neutrality clasped with a simple silver chain to represent the bond to their community.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

By failing to maintain their oath of office, a Kaladisian Arbiter can be removed from their office. This requires a hearing before the High Arbiter Council of the Judiciary.
Religious, Special
Form of Address
Arbiter, Judge, His/Her Honor
Alternative Naming
Kaladisian Judge
Equates to
Kaladisian Arbiters are the equivalent of civil Judges.
Source of Authority
Appointed by the Church, Confirmed by the Community Leader
Length of Term
Lifetime appointment
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