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Kaladis (kul-ah-diss)

as written by Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel and Duncan Scott (Valar Project, Inc)

The Binder
The Guardian of the Sacred Vow
Watcher of the Marriage Bond
Keeper of the Covenant

Kaladis is a stern and no-nonsense deity who formalizes the bonds of a union. They are unconcerned with love, passion, or other emotions - only the legal contract matters. Kaladis takes the long view on issues, especially when it comes to marriage and children, and makes their worshipers think about the consequences of their actions. An oath, especially an oath of union, is set in stone and they deal harshly with those who break their word.   Royal families in particular pay homage to Kaladis to help them arrange a proper match that brings peace and stability to their family and to the realm. In royal families where the production of an heir is important, newlyweds commonly pray to Kaladis in order to conceive on the wedding night.   Despite being a lawful deity, there are several different factions of the Kaladisian faith. To Kaladis, only the formal, legal bond of union is important: the actual type of bonding does not matter. In some parts of the world, monogamy is the dominant relationship standard; in others, polygamy rules along with other, more esoteric unions. The differences in interpreting Kaladis' word sometimes results in factions in conflict against their Kaladisian brothers and sisters.   It is said that Kaladis watches every wedding ceremony and gives their blessing to a union by making a sound that all involved hear and recognize as theirs: a single peal of a lone bell, a strike of thunder on a clear day, or the sudden baying of a dog.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Law, Protection

Holy Books & Codes

The Covenant of Kaladis (aka "The Covenant")

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Holy Symbol:
Clasped hands held forth at dawn.

Tenets of Faith

  • Through the union of individuals comes strength of blood, strength of law, and strength of bonds.
  • Your word is your bond.
  • Encourage lineage and legacy.
  • Accept the boundaries of the contract with understanding and respect.
  • Breaking of a contract is anathema and should be avoided at all costs.


The First Day of the Year is celebrated as a day of worship; contracts and marriages commenced on this day are viewed as divinely blessed.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kaladis appears as an elderly, regal man with straight white hair and a thick white mustache. He dresses in simple robes and carries an naked longsword.

Apparel & Accessories

Kaladis dresses in simple, light blue robes with gold accents and carries a naked longsword.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

While Kaladis predominantly apears as an elderly, regal male human, they have also been known to appear as a tall, statuesque adult female human. They tailor their appearance to the audience that is chosen, taking on whichever form is most consistent with authority and power within that jurisdiction (female in a matriarchy, male in a patriarchy, etc)




Towards Kaladis




Towards Ezolia


Divine Classification
Lesser Deity
Lawful Neutral
Light blue, flecked with gold
Long, straight, white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Smooth, even complexion
5'10" or 1.778 meters
185 lbs or 83.9146 kilograms


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