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Acissaan (AH-see-sahn)

Located in the southern hills and valleys of County Acissa, Falcrest, the Acissaan are an ethnic group that transcends species. Known colloquially as the Wine-blooded for their fields and vineyards, Acissaan people tend to be extremely hard-working and boisterous with a focus on the community.   Among the varied Falcresti people, the Acissaan are known for the best wines and olive oil in Omath.   While most Acissaan are Falcresti Human, a number of Djenati, Riverhand and Hillwalker Golenti, as well as a large number of Fiore. Even a handful of Nuaira claim Acissaan ethnicity.


Major language groups and dialects

While varied among the many species who call Acissa home, the predominant language is Falcresti. Itinerant or expatriates Acissaans tend to speak

Shared customary codes and values

Fill all the plates first. Look not at your brother's plate, unless he has less than you.
  • Equality and Equity - No matter who you are, you are a part of the community. Care for all and be cared for.
  • Work to the best of your ability no matter your station and be paid to the quality of your work.
  • Learn, so that you can improve yourself and your community.
The Falcresti ideal, that it is the duty of those in power to care for those who are not, lives on in the Acissaan people. As a result, Acissaans tend to focus on caring for their neighbors (even when outside of their homeland) and engaging in progressive civic discourse. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, and tend toward a trusting demeanor and behavior. They can be a prideful people, but most back this up with hard work and strong will.
Parent ethnicities
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