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Falle Family

The Falle Family is the ruling family of the Kingdom of Falcrest, named for the first King of that country: Zachariah Falle.   As with most noble families, the Falle family is intermarried into a number of influential families throughout Omath, including the Froste Family, the Blackwall Family, and the Vass Family.


As most political families in Falcrest, the Falle Family is structured around the patrilineal line. The male heirs of Zachariah Falle carry the highest influence within the family, with the eldest (traditionally) being named as the King of Falcrest.   Siblings tend to be relegated to ministerial duties within the Court or are married into other noble families for diplomatic and strategic gain.


The history of the Falle Family is tied closely to the history of the Kingdom of Falcrest.

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