Chronicles of solia The Attack on the Haphrises
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The Attack on the Haphrises

Military action

15/6 5:00
15/6 6:00

Caliphate forces slaughter the Haphrises Delegation. The Caliphate of Ezir declares war on the Nation of Nuaira.

Just after dawn on Falleran 15th, Caliphate forces stormed the quarters of the Haphrises Delegation. Catching the Nuaira by surprise, the soldiers slaughter each and every member of the delegation, most still in their beds. A war declaration is dispatched via magical messenger to Liethlein, in the Nation of Nuaira, demanding the ultimate and unconditional surrender of all lands, holdings, and research accrued by the Nuairan nation. It demands unrestricted access to Feylin mines, processing, and related technologies.

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