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The Ezirandi Shadowcat is an immense predatory feline found in the jungles of southern Ezir. Originally native to the Plane of Shadow, the Shadowcat found a tear between that plane and Solia. In pre-civilized times, the Shadowcat thrived, preying on the Human tribes and herd animals alike, unmatched in its ferocity and hunting ability.

Basic Information


The Shadowcat is a mammal with general feline anatomy. Standing between 7-10 feet (2.13 - 3.05 meters) in height and 9 - 15 feet (2.74 - 3.66 meters) in length, the Shadowcat has four muscular legs that end in sharp, clawed feet. Most Shadowcats have smooth, jet black fur and yellow or green eyes.

Ecology and Habitats

Shadowcats thrive in dense rainforest biomes, lairing under deadfall trees or inside shallow caves. The Shadowcat traditionally maintains a single point of entry to their lair, though recent research has shown that some have started developing secondary, hidden egress methods.   An adult Shadowcat typically claims a hunting range of 50 - 100 square miles (80 - 160 square kilometers) around their lair.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Shadowcat are carnivorous nocturnal ambush predators that rely on stealth and speed to take their prey. Equally at home in the trees of their habitat, as they are in the dense undergrowth, the Shadowcat hunts for herd animals such as elephants, deer, and other large prey. Shadowcats once hunted humanoids, but now only do so when threatened or driven from their lairs.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Shadowcat is capable of seeing in normal light, low light, and in absolute darkness. The predator is capable of sight using the infrared spectrum out to 30 feet (9.14 meters). The Shadowcat is capable of tracking its prey by scent up to 100 feet (30.48 meters) and has fine-tuned hearing.   The Shadowcat is named for its ability to manipulate the shadows around itself and can create a sphere of darkness with a twenty-foot (6.01 meter) radius.
Scientific Name
25-40 years
Conservation Status
The Shadowcat population has dwindled due to the deforestation and desertification of their habitat. Estimates put the remaining population at less than five hundred, though no official tallies have been made since 1486. No protection exists for the species: rather, the Magocracy has issued bounties for them, intent on driving it to extinction.
Average Height
7-10 feet (2.13 - 3.05 meters)
Average Weight
450 - 600 lbs (204 - 272 kg)
Average Length
9 - 15 feet (2.74 - 3.66 meters)
Geographic Distribution
For those Game Masters utilizing the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, replace the Shadowcat with the Displacer Beast.
For those Game Masters utilizing the Pathfinder ruleset, replace the Shadowcat with the Coeurl.


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