It's such a strange thing, to hear one order the death of thousands in an angel's tongue.
The Fae are a collective of species unified by a single goal, a single person, The Autumn Queen. Her efforts to save the fae peoples came with many heavy costs, one of which was slow decay of their individual cultures. One of the casualties of her efforts was the languages spoken by the individual races of the fae. The tongue of the Arcadians, her own native language, was the one selected to unify communication between the peoples. Powerful traders, fae of industry, and noble lords all quickly adopted this language as their primary. And those wishing to earn the favor of those lords soon followed. On and on, further and further down the social ladder this change went until even the peasantry was opting to make Arcadian their own.
While the old languages of the many races are largely lost , much of their individual nuisances tricked into the local Arcadian dialects. The Queen's effort to make a single unifying tongue resulted a language haunted by the ghosts of dozens of different spoken vocabularies. While the base of all these dialects is there often times fae from one community will have a terrible time understanding the speech of another.
It was not only Fae who adopted this language but those that chose to side with them during the Queen's War. This of course includes the lords of Melanthris who adopted this tongue even before war broke out.
In modern Tairos the language is largely forgotten by most though certain elders of long-lived species suffer a shiver up their spine at hearing the familiar sing-songy words that doomed their nations.

Geographical Distribution

The language is generally shunned by those in Tairos who know it. It was commonly spoken in and around Lake Lunarch during the reign of the Autumn Queen but today it is outlawed by the elves. One of many hollow efforts to show their remorse for the part they played in the Queen's War.


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