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MarCáith {English}

Searching the old tomes for a past history is close to impossible in Nekuram without at least a diminutive knowledge of MarCáith. Nekurith has been stagnant but still makes its long since predecessor shame in understanding many words.
While scholars would say that Nekuram only ever had one official language besides Lavi which is Nekurith, the origin of said language is disputed inbetween several variants of what is called MarCáith, or Origin Language as it is also known as.

The Three MarCáith

MarCáith is not a single language in the minds of schoolers but an overarching thought of a language that Nekurith and many of the languages in Narzuvim evolved from in conjunction with the language of the Gods Lavi. In this, there are three main lines of thought that have once upon a time been presented.

Ry'w MarCáith

The schooler Brywar stumbled upon a pattern with Old Nekurith and the language of Tatarus and other Nekur in and around the central plains and floodplains. This pattern was "Ry'w", the word for "I" and several of its possession structures like "I am", "I have", "I was" and so on. He said that the Tatarus' language, Agariv language and three others had pronouns that stem from Nekurith's current pronouns and thus laid forth his thoughts that a MarCáith, "origin language" were wider spread than believed. Brywar did only do small-time research into this until another, more based thought, came forth. This made the thought of "Ry'w MarCáith" a short belief among schoolers but few still believe in this line of thought.

Older MarCáith

The following years after the pattern "Ry'w" was discovered, scholars that wanted to break the language code and find an "origin" language began amassing. What came to be called "Older MarCáith" was based on that Old Nekurith probably was a much wider spread but not a singular dominant language even in close proximity to central Nekuram. As shown with Tartarus' language, there are signs of morphed and other phonetic sounds not native to the current Nekurith and Old Nekurith besides "I" and "You". Since also small, isolated communities of other, unsure of tongues survived until the middle of the 1st millennia in these regions scholars are more inclined to believe that MarCáith was more a proto-language than an origin language. This also sparked the idea for the name itself that an even older language might exist that is the real MarCáith.

Tome MarCáith

When a old library with ancient tomes was discovered in the southern parts of Nekuram close to Drakken's Deirold, scholars and researchers were sent to investigate. While many tomes were stories written down in an old version of what seemed like Old Nekurith, the unfamiliarity of the language uses of "it" and "they" sparked a new lie of thought about MarCáith. This was the "Tome MarCáith" thought, which believes that the first known writings might have been what was in the old library. This written language even included the earlier patterns seen by Brywar. While this did not support the thought of a wider language among the Nekur, it instead brought up the opposite. MarCáith might have been the first written language of Necur, the auburn skinned demons, and not all Nekur. Thus Old Nekurith evolved isolated with the only conjunction being proximity languages, like the Tartarus', or Lavi.
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