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Droklushi Dialect

This language has its roots embedded deep in the Kry culture of Iaxovar, particularly Frostbeck, although it was phased out during the purge of the elders in the 4th century revolts. There are only a total of 12 individuals who are privy to the inner complexities of the language, meaning they are the only people able to converse in this manner. Of these people; 3 are scholars, 5 are descendants of the ancient kry and 4 are a group of unique individuals born with supernatural gifts of telepathy, prophecy and hyperintelligence. The whereabouts of them is partially known, with the 5 elder descendants residing over the kry factions of frostbeck and two of the scholars being located in the grand imperial atlamarian archive. The 4 gifted individuals have been lost to the public eye and their whereabouts are unknown. the thrid scholar, by the name of Elijha, vanished in highly mysterious circumstances 6 years ago, from his home in the city of Athevire without a trace. The linguistics of this archaic dialect are very primal in comparison to present day kry language, relying heavily on guttural pronunciation. The emphasis of a word is strictly placed on the last syllable of that word, conveying a seemingly angry of aggravated tone of voice. When this language was common practice, these words were understood by many allies of the kry, However, today it is frequently misconstrued as an insult or other demeaning term leading to a severely flared conflict amongst even their fellow kry as well.  When it comes to scripture of the Drokushi Dialect, efforts ceome far more complicated, due to the lack of surviving evidence from the 4th century kry civilisation. This is as a result of the purge of the elders, with tomes, animal hides and even carvings of the scripture being purged also.


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