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Negenani Callsigning

Negenani Callsigning is a subsect of Chitter which was employed by Negenani border families and soldiers during the latter era of the Valuser'ran SUpremacy and up nearly to the rise of the Pillar crises. While few speak it, the visual of it—of nimble warriors speaking in animal mimicry and using lume gloves to sign to each other—remains so strong in media that Callsigning has seen a recent revival by avid reenactors and cosplayers.

Callsigning is done with a combination of Saza Chitter paired with sign language. Because Signing had to work in the dark of the Nege forests, they wear colored strips along their clothing and on their hands to make their signing easier for each other to see. Despite the glow, they comouflaged easily into the lume constellations of plants which


If you are trying to understand this language and are approaching it while knowing a language below, here's your understanding of it.


The mother tongue of Callsign, Chitter is a language of mimicry and emotion rather than of direct phrasing and words. Chitter is mostly practiced as a hobby within the hub, but does find a use among Prospectors that might make learning Callsign useful for them.

If you speak Chitter you'll already understand all of the spoken aspects of Callsign, though sometimes you'll hear a word in there that you do not understand the meaning of at all.

Unfortunately, the hang signs are lost on you.

Difficulty: Medium

"I gotta learn Callsign, I already knew chitter."


This Kathoumay sign language formed the basis for the signing done by the Negenani. The primary difference here is that it had to be remade from the ground up so that the Kathoumay couldn't discern what was being said. Additioally, the signing had to remain visible even within the pitch black of the Nege forest.

Character learning Alden


Character trying to fit Ubiq Grammar into it.

If you do not know any of the above languages, Coarse Ubiq is unintelligible gibberish.

If your Narrator tells you a character speaks Coarse Ubiq, have them specify what other language it is mixed into it.

If that second language isn't adjacent to anything you already speak, it's gibberish.


Root Languages and Successor Languages are the languages which Negenani Callsigning is adjacent to.

If you speak an adjacent language, learning Negenani Callsigning is easier. Refer to the relative fluency section to determine how much easier it is.

Difficulty: Very Hard


Callsign is a dead language except among the reenactment communities.


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