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A gift from the deities of Kelbonnar to the mortal races of the Material Plane, Theologian is a language that has been specifically crafted to convey the many nuances of the commands and covenants of the gods and goddesses that would be lost on those who cannot speak Celestial, whilst providing more detail and specificity than most of the languages of the mortal races can convey. The use of Theologian ensures that the will of the deities is exactly understood by their mortal servants.  


  Theologian is a language that is almost exclusively used in written media and is used to convey the will of the gods and goddesses of Kelbonnar in a way that is clear to their mortal servants on the Material Plane. Therefore, Theologian is generally used to write holy books of scripture, prophecy, doctrine and liturgy, and it is often used by Theologians to write treatise and essays on particular matters of faith and belief.   Theologian is a rather clunky language, used for conveying complex concepts and ideas that are geared towards the divine, rather than the mundane, so it is hardly ever spoken. The only places that one is likely to hear Theologian spoken are when students of Theology gather together to discuss something academic, or in religious communities. The residents of the monastery dedicated to Gallena, overlooking the town of Mulvar's Outpost, for example, use Theologian to communicate amongst themselves.  

Need for the Language

  On the one hand, Celestial is a highly complex, tonal language, remarkable for having the smallest vocabulary of any language known to exist, running to fewer than 1,000 words. However, the way that the words are spoken, the intonation, pitch and their positioning with relation to other words and within sentences mean that an infinite number of meanings can be conveyed with relatively few raw materials. However, this makes Celestial an incredibly hard language to learn, with some of the sounds being impossible for most humanoids to produce.   On the other hand, the languages of the mortal races of the Material Plane were deemed by the deities of Kelbonnar to be too simplistic to totally convey the intricacies of religious doctrine, ethics and standing that they wished to convey. Even Elven and Draconic, which are both incredibly intricate languages were deemed unsuited to directly translate Celestial into. Therefore, the god Az created a new language, Theologian so that the mortal races on the Material Plane could fully comprehend what was being said to them by their deities, and the gods and goddesses themselves could be satisfied in knowing that what they wished to communicate had been accurately done so.

Geographical Distribution

The use of Theologian is not restricted to one part of Kelbonnar’s Material Plane or another, though it is rare to find it beyond the Material Plane. As the language was devised to communicate, preserve and properly interpret the divine will of the gods and goddesses, it only really has a wide base of usage on the Material Plane, as such concepts are implicitly understood by the residents of the Celestial Plane, whether divine or no.   However, whilst there is no geographical restriction to the usage of Theologian on Kelbonnar’s Material Plane, its use is restricted to those who have a high education in Theology, with the language being cumbersome and sometimes impossible to use in everyday conversation.


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