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Univocus {WASC 2021}

Univocus is the ancient language of magic used by the fairies of Sagadorm. It is formed of two components, a verbal component and a non-verbal manipulation of the hands. Both the vocal language and the sign language are required to properly speak Univocus. However, using one or the other is sufficient for communication. Both are required to perform the magic associated with the spoken word.   Prior to Vola, the first fairy, the language Univocus was known only to the dragons. This is not the language spoken by the dragons during their communications, but this is the language used to access the power stored within the cores of blessed animals.   During Vola's transformation from human into ferry the knowledge of Univocus was transferred into her consciousness and subconsciousness granting her not the only the power to extract magical fr energy om the cores, but the ability to speak the language correctly. Though all of the knowledge was transferred into her mind, she was able to find books containing a full dictionary and grammar for the language. This book was hidden among the treasures of the Dragon.   Anyone is able to learn the language of Univocus. Many of the religious terms that filled the faith of the five dragons come from these dictionaries. However, nothing happens when the words are spoken unless one has the ability to access the magical powers. One has the energy internally or within or to power the incantation, and one has the correct hand gestures accompanying the magic.   It was believed by humans, that if you removed a fairies hands that they would be unable to perform magic. This is not the case. It is the action of the brain sending the signals to the arms and hands and fingers that complete the magic. So if a fairy is without arms or hands, as long as they send the signals from the reins to the extremities that they are trying to move their hands then the magic will still work. It takes a great deal of skill to be able to cast magic without hands, but it is still possible.   The teaching of Univocus is freely available to all across sagadorm. It functions as a crude universal language or "Common" that is spoken by everyone. Because it is actively spoken, it is a living language that can change from generation to generation. However, the Univocus required to perform magic by the fairies is consistent and does not change from generation to generation. And only the "pure" language is taught. This has prevented too much lingual drift to occur as there is a consistent standard being taught year from year.


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