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The language of the ones before

The current inhabitants of The Pit woke up inside of it 15 years ago. And yet, there seem to be traces of cultures living here before. The mysterious buildings and machinery, coming from different ages and places, bear a mark of use. And there's other evidence for the existence of the previous inhabitants of The Pit. Records, journals, writings on the walls, the blueprints.  

The scramble

It seems like all of the writings created by the previous inhabitants of The Pit use the same structure and even the language people now use. But for whatever the reason, all of the letters are scrambled up, and always in the same way in the same words. This has made the process of 'deciphering' way easier than one expected in the beginning.  

No names or dates

While most of the text is easily recognizable as being scrambled up, both the names and dates mentioned within it are completely unrecognizable. Or rather impossible to recognize, as trying to do so leads to headaches and nausea. The simple mentions of the passage of time, such as mentioning that something happened "X days/hours later/before" are unaffected and can be read without problem.  


Even when trying to check the age of the medium the writing uses, it is completely impossible to date it as having more than 20 years. Even though some types of mediums wouldn't probably be used in the same period as the others.

Modern texts

The texts written by those who lived in The Pit before don't use any slang or archaisms further making it impossible to recognize how old they are. By all means, they seem to be written by someone living currently, and yet they can be dated enough for people to know they were created more than 15 years ago.

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