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Mother of all Tongues

Strange that all of mankind could have originated from a single source at first. If what the academics say is true, all peoples are like brothers who've drifted apart with the passage of time
Edgars, Volis of Aunas
  Rielish is believed to be the ancient language from which all other human languages of the world descend from. Theories about the existence of the language were popularised soon after the formation of the Federal State of Alminthas when their people uncovered archeological evidence of the language’s existence. There are scholars from several prestigious universities who believe that Rielish was not only the mother of all human languages but also the predecessor of other Geprati tongues.    

Discovery of the Rēla Plaque

Before the 15th century, there’d been speculation amongst linguist whether all languages originated from a common tongue. The common origin of languages were clear for Pallernic, Ruekic, but then there were language isolates like Aiterean which continued to complicate the discussion. In 1447, during a construction project to rebuild a public square in Last Hope, labourers uncovered a discovery that would revitalize discussions among linguistic scholars and provide legitimacy to the common root theory.   The workers dug up a plaque made from the finest steel any of them had ever witnessed. The text on it was unlike any they had seen, although even the common labourers could see similarities between it and the script of their native Alminthian tongue. Upon hearing news of this discovery, the local town government had the artefact delivered to their safekeeping and scholars from far and wide were invited to investigate.   After years of studying, a group of accomplished linguists were able to figure out how what the ancient letters correspond to in contemporary languages, but the text itself remains a mystery for now.
Native name
Native pronounciation

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Yy Zz
Word order
First syllable (with some exceptions)
Unity of Riel
Organization | Jul 6, 2023

The Unity of Riel was the first country on the planet of Riel that was founded by those who had fled Earth in search for a new home aboard the UNS Hope


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