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Language of the Gods

The Language of the Gods is, as the name implies, the language spoken by the gods. It is spoken only by the children of the gods both as a way of communicating across species boundaries to other demigods and for religious and practical purposes concerning the use of the gods’ artifacts and facilities. Strictly speaking mortals are not supposed to learn the gods’ tongue, but some seek out this forbidden knowledge so they can wield a piece of the gods’ powers for themselves. These people are referred to as sorcerers and sorceresses. They seek to understand the gods and their works so as to wield power commonly exclusive to the demigods for their own purposes.   The gods’ tongue is not purely audible however. There is a visual component to the language that can’t be replicated by mortals. The written form contains unique symbols that dictate color fluctuations that are meant to change the context of words written after the symbol is placed. For the most part these symbols represent changes in tone but can also radically alter the meaning of certain phrases. For this reason mortals can only truly speak an incomplete version of the language. One devoid of tone or social context, which can sometimes result in their words being misinterpreted. Mortals must take special care when trying to recite commands of power to godly facilities as a result as a miscommunication could result in the loss of their life.   Demigods are said to be able to speak the language without this limitation. How it is they do it is left a mystery to all but a few mortals. What is known is that to speak the language fluently the demigods must first remove their golden masks and look upon each others’ naked faces. This is, of course, never done in front of mortal eyes as mortals are strictly forbidden from looking upon the face of a demigod.

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