Damamillian - Titanic

The Deadlords/ Deadkings of Damamillia lie in their tombs, roam the ruins and buried cities as ghosts and dwell in an Umbral shadow realm. They have not changed or progressed in the past 3000 or so years. Little is known since The Fall (see Damamilia before the Fall ) and scholars have had to travel to the Taurien States to consult records on the language of the Titans. Properly Damamillian had a low form used by the common people and now used in debased and radically changed form by the various roaming tribes of barbaric Titans. The Titan language becomes progressively more changed the more distant they are from the areas around the old kingdom. It is such that a Titan in the Olian lands likely could not understand one from Parensaar (the Lizardking lands).

The ancient high form is spoken by the Deadlords. Some know ancient Taurien or languages now dead and forgotten everywhere else. None now living, aside from a small pool scholars and sages, speak or read the ancient Damamillian language. Use of it is difficult -the Deadlords are likely to capture and drain blood, life and vitality from any who trespass. Indeed, one expedition sacrificed 100 slaves to the Deadlords to appease them long enough to gain an interview. Most expeditions simply vanish. Only a few texts have been gathered and most records lay in Taurien libraries from texts collected in the Bronze age before The Fall - some 4000 years ago
Their names seem strange to the imperial ear, as is their language which is only vaguely similar to the spectrums spoken by living Titans. The Old Damamilia names like Hamon, Kearona, Ryllae, Ilifiel, Estelar, Shalaevar, Tanathil, Oloris, Dormenor, Ilirel, Laeroth or Ilibanise.
Clans like Priaakos, Baltsandros, Averneithes, Ganeus, Apetrios, Demios, Inukas, Creteimon, or Darreon.
We know the Kejihin were the Priest-Kings and rulers. Eibaitios were warrior priests who had titles related to their duties. Tiajasei were warriors specifically sworn to Kejihin or to places or duties. Penshurei were the makers, Kilettei being a title for clever, cunning or insightful. Jalfa were minions or servants. Onorehei were the commoners or "many".
One tale speaks of a Damamillian escapee in the Taurien states that a silver warrior ( Tiajasei Balond) that tried to save the Kingdom by killing the Kejihin that had brought the Necros Antepex and taught it to followers and supporters. The Tiajasei Balond brought a silvered weapon, theĀ  Golattos Parjaditta ( The Dread Bane or Doom of Dread) and slew the High Priest King. This did not save the kingdom, but broke it into dozens of petty kingdoms as each Kejihin now held no loyalty, duty or fear of a greater power.

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