Damamilia before the Fall

The Titans of old Damamilia built their dwellings of magically shaped stone mirroring their own forms- narrow and tall. They created fantastical magical devices rivaling dwarves and kobolds. Magic fed their farms and agricultural production and their arts of war.

The center of the society became the Games. This was the test and measure of individual worth and status within the community and each week everyone spent several days in the contests of the Games. In the early days it was victory by simple defeat without death. Over time the higher status fights became death matches more often than not.

Finally the Necros was developed and the games quickly ceased to be. Under the Necros, contestants and audiences were consumed. Things devolved into rival gangs neighborhood by neighborhood and war over dominion. Rulership was by right of pure magical power. The cities became prisons controlled by those loyal to the powerful. The less powerful obeyed or were sacrificed to Necros Anteplex and it's fusions.
Today the Titans  are all that remain of the Damamilian people. Reduced to a primitive and barbaric state of semi nomadic families. Or as the undying Dead Kings/ Titans  and their minions in the ruined cities.

Localized Phenomena

The Damamilian magic is Shaping Magic.
Each individual would produce an Antepex sphere. This was considered the core of the individual. The Antepex was fed with meditation and Elemental association. Only one type could be contained in the early days of Damamilia. In the late Classic Period fusion was developed. Traditionally these were:
  • Green: (wood) Life and vitality. Plants. body.
  • Orange: (fire) heat and light.
  • Blue: (Breath). Spirit/ air/wind
  • Yellow: (water).
  • Black: (stone)
  • White (Void). Ice, cold.
  • Copper (Metal)
  • Clear (volume): manipulate distances

The abilities developed with practice. They typically started also needing to be in close proximity to sources to work the Antepex powers. With skill they became able to work things from greater and greater range. They also learned to gauge the location and strength of the Anteplex Element. The individual needed to feed the Anteplex from source Element to build personal power.
  • Compact/ Spread: They could cause the same amount to become more concentrated or spread out.
  • Create/ Dispell: produce volumes drawn from the Anteplex but reducing their power.
  • Amplify/Diffuse: they could create more or reduce their element adding or subtracting volumes.
  • Direct: They could force the Antepex material to take on shapes or project it as a beam or bolt.
  • Manifest: personification of the element.

The late period developed Anteplex Necros (violet/ purple) that fed on death and decay. The Priest-Kings developed a fusion to resist death and promote unlife. They became the DeadLords and the nation of Damamiia ceased and became the haunted cities of the undying dead.

Fauna & Flora

The region of Damamilia was once plains, forests and a vital and productive land.  The Necros magics transformed the region into a cold scrubby wasteland.  Where once life flourished, now only the hardiest and dire survived.

Natural Resources

There are still minerals and mines across the land.  Bold artifact hunters venture to the haunted city ruins to find treasures, but risk the wrath of the Deadlords and their minions.


Damamilia grew from a republic to a magocracy under the Priest-Kings. Each community had it's own ruler and the Supereme Priest-king over the whole nation. This was not just power, but also wiles and wits. Every year featured local games as every individual sought rank, or to defend it. Every other year were regional and national matches of the highest ranked locals.  Crafts, arts and needs of production were made with Anteplex assitance.
The fall began with the new element of Necros in the late Classic period. It was strictly created as a tool to achieve status. Anteplex Necros were fed on death and decay. Compacted as poison or dispersed as disease. The games became slaughters, and then civil war as gangs sought local control. The Priest-Kings developed a fusion and the nation collapsed as lower powered individuals fled, pursued by the undead minions of the Priest-Kings.
The last battles over rulership were full civil war between city states and individual Priest-king Warlords. What was once a prosperous and powerful nation became shattered ruins, haunted strongholds of local Deadlord warlords and scattered clusters of the fleeing and displaced people. Those who sought supposed opportunity in the collapse of Damamilia found themselves as sacrifices to the Necros-fushion Anteplexes.
Deadlord Minions:
Deadlord minions by Mutterwolf
Titan by Mutterwolf

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