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The language of Dragons.


Draconic is one of the oldest languages in Therrmordia, coming into being with the birth of dragons during the First Creation, taught by the Wyrmfather to the original draconic brood mothers.


Draconic is the language that has changed the least during Therrmordia's history, due to a combination of two factors. First, the dragon's long lifespan has resulted in fewer generations of evolution, and second, the dragons have consciously worked to avoid altering their language so they have a common means of communication among the separated Dragon Courts.


There are two main versions of draconic. The first is the original version of the language that is spoken by dragons. This version is called High Draconic or True Draconic depending on how pretentious the speaker wants to be. Unfortunately a langue designed for large quadrupedal reptiles doesn't' work as easily for other species. There are five phonemes in draconic that cannot be pronounced by humanoids.   Attempts to rectify this problem has led to the creation of the second version of draconic. Called Low Draconic or Bastard Draconic (again based on how pretentious the speaker is) this version replaces the five unpronounceable phonemes with five phonemes humanoids can say. Many speakers of Low Draconic who have no interaction with dragons don't even realize that High Draconic is different, but other scholars are familiar with the differences and would be able to understand True Draconic. Most dragons are familiar with Low Draconic and can understand it if they hear it.   Dragons have different views on the main versions of their language. Arrogance is a common trait of dragons and that arrogance can manifest in diametrically opposed ways. Some dragons consider draconic the only language worth communicating in and require anyone who wishes to speak with them to use it, even if that requires Low Draconic. Other dragons insist that Low Draconic not be spoken in their presence due to not wishing to hear their pure language mispronounced.   While dragons maintain a common High Draconic language, each Dragon Court tends to add their own slang based on their own area and experiences. This leads to a variedly of local draconic variations, collectively referred to as Court Draconic.


The main speakers of draconic are dragons and their servants. This includes humans, dwarves, elves, and many kolbolds. Other speakers include draconic scholars, diplomats who work with the Dragon Courts, and wizards.


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