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Dragon's chant

The Dragon chants are a corpus of litanies that are passed down the generations among some groups of Makarids since the dawn of time.  

An undeciphered language

  It is suggested by The pact of the Thirteen's myth, that the language was firstly devised by dragons as a means or aid to perform magical acts when they were in human form. It is debated if the chants themselves are an example of draconic language or a different language altogether.   To date, any attempt to try to translate the chants proved futile, partly because of the jealous guard the Makarids keep on them, and the fact that only very few trusted humans are granted their knowledge, often on a death threat in case they would break the secret.  

A guarded oral tradition

  Despite the absence of complete written transcripton of the chants, their knowledge is kept alive by a ritualized oral tradition passed generation to generation among the Makarids families.   Starting from their birth, in fact, makarids children are lulled to sleep using portions of the chants and most of them have an habit of humming the melodies during their day to day activities. During the school age, every makarid child who is raised inside a clan, is taught the verses that go with the melodies.   54 different litanies are still remembered to these days, their meaning and original use long forgotten if it even was known in the first place.   Dating the start of this cultural tradition is also impossible, but the passage of knowledge even if just in oral form, has been effective and the language conserves its magical properties.  

A gift and a curse

  The original scope of the chants seems to have been wider than its current use, probably forming a full magical language through which one could bend the laws of nature to their will. To date though, no such effect can be achieved with what's remained of them, and the main use for them is their ability to resonate with the nezil crystals, who activate when someone chants the litanies within a variably ample radius.   For the crystals embedded into magical objects, this allows a margin of control on the outcome of their use. Some chants are more effective in influencing certain types of magical objects than others, giving some hints about their possible original use. A few tomes have been written documenting this phenomenon, the most complete of which, "The secrets of the Dragon Chants" by Valeh Teymur, give detailed instructions about the best use of 13 of the chants and some aneddotical experience and suggestions about the rest.   The ability of resonating with the nezil crystals is more commonly used to easily locate and efficiently mine the crystals in all Kithanda mines. Some of the Makarids are nowadays regularly employed and paid for these kind of services, but still a large number of them is enslaved and forced to chant for several hours a day down the mines in the most remote mining settlements.


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