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Outsider Language

Outsider is a language that no one in Morgrave can understand. It was ostensibly spoken by the Outsiders, a race of aliens who live on the moon and attempted to conquer Morgrave long ago. The gods beat back that invasion, though, and so all that's left of the Outsiders on Morgrave is their ruins, sometimes covered in Outsider writing.

The Writing

The Outsider alphabet is nothing like what exists on Morgrave today, evincing its alien origins. Although linguistics is a little studied field in Morgrave, some ambitious scholars have attempted to piece together the language, but all have failed. The inscrutable symbols mean nothing to the denizens of Morgrave, though it does make some wonder what life is like on the moon to inspire this writing system. A scant few have hypothesized that some of the letters represent animals; these scholars believe that the letter "s" in the common alphabet, for example, represents a snake. The Outsider alphabet seems to have many more letters than any other alphabet used on Morgrave, and some of them are formed suspiciously like animals or plants that exist on Morgrave. Could this mean that letters were added to the Outsider alphabet after arriving or Morgrave, or does it mean that up on that foggy moon such plants and animals also exist and inspired the ancient Outsiders? A vast majority exclaim that these ideas are ridiculous, and that that symbol looks nothing like a catoblepas!

The Location

Outsider writing is rare on Morgrave. Their buildings have fallen into ruin since the gods ran them off of Morgrave in prehistory, but some of these ruins still contain writing on the walls - some areas more often than others. One of the best preserved examples of the Outsider language is in Bigwall, a town on the Sea of Blades named after the gargantuan Outsider wall still standing and in good condition. Other locations include Gods' Lake, where an Outsider castle once stood; and in the Burning Sands, where the dunes sometimes reveal long buried Outsider ruins until the sands once again cover them.


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