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Instructional Cyphers

A lost or ancient language.
-Dimi & Janet
  Instructional Cyphers were used more in the early days of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.. They can still be utilized in modern times, but, due to the progression of technology, it is hardly as neccessary.  
    Instructional Cyphers are blocks of cryptic text. Though they usually consist of ten lines of ten words each, The Original 'Instructional Cypher' Version 12am consisted of only six lines of ten words each.   These cyphers are also named according to times of the day, hours, minutes, and even days of the year.   Version 2:10pm, Version Noonday, Version March 13th, and Version 1997 are all examples of different cyphers.   One would traditionally start off a sentence in this manner:  
"Back in 1997, there were only fourteen girls at my highschool. The rest were boys. We all went to math class in room three B with Mr. Stevens, though. His favorite thing to ask the class would be, 'How many marbles are in the jar on my desk?' I thought it only looked like twenty, but people would always guess thirty-three or even sixty-seven! It would be like we were all looking at a different jar. The real answer? There were eighty-three marbles in there. The design on the jar created an optical illusion. We were all soo mad. We had spent twenty-six minutes of our recess trying to guess it all."
  Each of the numbers quoted after "1997" would be found in Instructional Cypher Version 1997 according to the corresponding words. And so, the receiver of the message would know how to properly translate it, filter out the gibberish, only pay attention to the numbers, and act accordingly.

The Original 'Instructional Cypher' 12am

  You find yourself inside a room. Window on left wall.
  Women and men to the right. People are coming quickly.
  Run! Walk no more. Fly, fight, sing praises. Quietly crawl.
  Time is running out. Help will not arrive. Survive alone.
  Code of secrecy still stands. Wait. Single file, steady now.
  Attack. Move, stop, go, strike. Hide from those who seek.

Instructional Cypher 1997

  Go to the top of our tall, wide, purple steps.     Then, you will see a short, thin man in red.     His white box contains green papers, blue letters, and more.     Behind the door, her brown eyes peer. Do not look.     Yellow light pierces dark black heavy night. Day comes soon.     Orange lines mark paths your swift feet must walk along     Stop short. Wait. Minute pass by. Scan area for danger.     When clear, continue. Slow down. Hold up. Something is there.     Behold gray chart. Each task carefully assigned. Proceed with caution.     Pink, silver, gold color mix together. Completed combination achieved.  


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