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The Original 'Instructional Cypher' Version 12am

A famous letter or message.
-Dimi & Janet
  One of the earliest versions of the Instructional Cypher created by W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.. The cypher consists of six lines, each ten words long for a total of sixty different words, none of which are repeated. When read together, it seems to be giving the reader some sort of instruction, hence the name, but in actuality, one cannot make sense out of The Original 'Instructional Cypher' on its own. This is only the key to an adjacent number code provided elsewhere. There are several versions of the cypher in circluation, most of which are named after times of the day or even days of the year. This is so that the reader can know which cypher to use when decoding a cryptic message.  
    One may say,  
"At 12am, I saw two dogs barking in front of fifteen forty-one Freeland street."
  12am indicates the cypher is the Original Instructional Cypher (or version 12am). The numbers that follow correspond to the words found within the message. The second word (or word number two) is FIND, word number fifteen is THE and word number forty-one is CODE.
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