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"La! Welcome to Maganti, kailo."
-A common greeting in Avadian, using Magan loanwords.
  Magan is an ancient language that was spoken by the people in what is now Maganti prior to the arrival of ships from the Avadian Sovereignty.   Before the arrival of Avadian settlers in 248 DoM, Magan was the sole spoken language of Calinani towns and villages settled in Maganti and its surrounds. When Avadians were permitted to settle in Maganti, many Calinani visited and traded with the Avadians, and came to adopt many of their cultural trappings and learn their language. As part of the gradual fusion the native Calinani culture and the Avadian way of life, many words from Magan were borrowed and integrated into the Avadian language. Over time, the Calinani shifted away from using Magan, originally using Avadian as a go-between before gradually using it as a primary language. By the time the Magantine colony declared independence in 68 DoM, Avadian was the dominant language of the region.   In today's day and age, Magan as a complete language is no longer spoken, although written works containing the hieroglyphs still exist, and vestiges of the old animist faith of the pre-Avadian Maganti still use various phrases and words from the language. In addition, many of the Magan words that were integrated into modern Avadian still exist and have entered modern parlance. Given Avadian is the most commonly-spoken language in Arikanda and Northern Calina, in some ways Magan words have spread further than they ever were prior.

Writing System

Writing in Magan was quite rare, however when it took place, it was expressed in the form of hieroglyphic symbols to convey certain numbers, objects, places, people and concepts.

Geographical Distribution

Magan was spoken both in Maganti itself and in the villages and towns in the surrounding Arzai Jungle.
Common Phrases
verdant, full of life
excellent, good
Common Female Names
Serra, Talys, Kaloya
Common Male Names
Masedo, Celonnas, Nadero

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