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The Language of the Mappuhitu (Map--uh-e-to)


the language of Mappuhitu is a language that was found in the crater of a volcano. So far the language has been indecipherable. There are many different theory about what the book might be about some think that it is a book about or from an ancient lost city, others believe it is a book that feel straight from heaven. The one thing that researchers are sure of thought is that the book is made of dried skin whether it is animal or not is not something that has been figured out. The difficulty with translating or understanding the language is that the language is comprised of symbols that are inconsistent in structure and complexity. The only consistent thing about the structure is that all marking are held in or on ether a circle, square, or triangle. Researchers of the book have also conclude there is no definable stand alone punctuation.  


The discovery of the language of Mappuhitu was made by Anton Hemburg. Anton was notible for a number of different things. Along with the book of Mappuhitu he was also recognized as one of the first people to think there was more to Eridu then just Asmatum. specifically believing that if man was able to sail out in to waters that they would find new lands and people not devoured of taken to Tiamatsu. While Anton was not able to test this theory to prove it one of his greatest discoveries cam from his expedition of the volcano Mappuhitu. During his time in the crater of the mountain he studied the animals and planets of the volcano. while up on the rim of the crater Anton found a book filled with strange symbols. Anton became consumed with the book and held on to it tell the day he died viscously protecting it. Now it is held in the chained library considered a highly potent magical item and only people who are granted access under strict surveillance can have access to study it.
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