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Classic Avalonia

Classic Avalonia, sometimes referred to as Odavalon, was a beautiful language that was once used throughout the realms of Avalonia. After their downfall and in some cases destruction, the surviving nobles fought to protect and hold their people together and so they all had to become heavily reliant on other nations and the generosity of strangers. As the interaction and communication with the outsides increased so too did their use of the "Common" language. Over the next few generations the Classic Avalonia died out and was no longer taught to the children, it was slowly replaced with the more prevalent Common. However, as a way to maintain their dignity and hierarchy the nobles tried to keep as much of their old traditions alive as possible. While the tournaments, jousting, fighting, and festivals were for the people, the nobility insisted on carrying on many traditions of their own, including their old language. And so Classic Avalonia is still taught to the nobility and the few who are destined to become heads of the knightly orders.

Writing System

This alphabet and language is only taught to a select few individuals today. It has historically been taught through careful use of symbols, parables, metaphors, fables, allegories, and tales, in direct reference and correlation to the highly regarded Virtues Essential.

Geographical Distribution

This language was once spoken in the small continent of Avalonia long ago. In particular, the former lands of Arthuraan, Morgannia, and Merlonia used the old language quite often. While its usage has faded drastically over the centuries since their destruction, it is still used in small part by the nobility and knightly orders of the new territories and kingdoms made from the former regions.

Virtues Essential:

Atonement, Charity, Chastity, Chivalry, Compassion, Courage, Courtesy, Faith, Fealty, Fortitude, Franchise, Honor, Honesty, Hope, Humility, Justice, Largesse, Loyalty, Mercy, Noblesse, Obedience, Poverty, Prowess, Protection, Prudence, Reason, Sanctity, Service, Strength, Valor, and Vengeance.

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