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Qui Nou

Sometimes if you listen carefully you can hear the wind speak to you if you truly believe in it and then will it gift you with its own voice. - Old Man
  Qui Nou or Wind Calling is said to have been gifted by the wind itself to those who were willing to listen to it when no one would. The Urgui were those who were able to do it the most and used it to deliver messages across great distances with the wind taking across their mountain homes. No one would even know it was the language at all as it almost sounds completely like the wind with only those who have learned it being able to tell when it is being used.  

A Language Without Words

  Wind Calling is something that not all can truly understand for there are not words that make up the language at all as it is all based on sound. How you might ask can that actually work? Well, it's quite simple really it is just done through whistling. As the ancient Urgui has mastered the language to aid them in communication in their mountain homes with ease. Even allowing them to hold conversations with one another if they do not wish to walk too far to meet someone. Who does one know what the other is saying, well it is hard to explain as based on more of a feeling rather than focusing on how you make them. For emotion is how the language truly allows expressing how someone is feeling about something and allowing them to deliver it with anyone listening to fully understand it.  

Lost To Time

  Qui Nou has been used less and less in recent centuries to the fact that very few wish to learn as many of the Urgui have left their homes in the mountains to find work in the cities where they can feed themselves better. Not that many people know that it even exists at all as there are no written records or alphabet being used to translate it. Those who know it are unable to teach anyone how to use it properly and left to slowly die out before it is even passed down. Leaving the wind to once more to speak on deafened ears as they have lost the song that was gifted to them by it.


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