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Ancient Druidic

A ancient language that even the druidic orders have largely abandoned outside of the loremasters and fey who specialize in druidic magics. This language has much in common with sylvian in that it is a language that predates much of the humanoid life. Ancient druidic has some useful communicative properties with plant creatures and some animals. It was said to be a language of the trees and wind and its written form takes appears much like the spread of a root system, it is a nonlinear writing system when larger sections are the main lines of thought and the branching lines are specific thought lines, the marks are like flowing slashes on the paper. Ancient druidic's written form is usually written upon large strips of woven cloth, that can be rolled up and stored in places safe from the elements. Because of how obscure and strange Ancient druidic is, it is no longer considered a violation to teach it to nondruids. Most loremasters would scoff at the notion, and the few that would be willing, will rarely find a student willing to learn the long and slow language. The only known groups that are known to speech Ancient druidic are Treants and mychonid though they forms have evolved from the origins and has lost some of the original contextual meaning.
'It is said that Ancient Druidic itself as a language still holds much power in the fey realms, the trees are much more aware in places where nature is more alive. When you speak in the old languages like old sylvan and ancient druidic the realm listens.'   'Anything worth saying, can be said over a long time. But there are times when you must make haste even in a worthwhile conversation.'  
loremaster Damirna

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