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Language of the Trees


The Language

It's not a language humans can understand. When a human just outside the forest hear this, they think they hear the wind. Blowing between the leafs and branches. It is acutely the Leatherleaf Clumbfoots talking.
Did you hear that? No, it's not the wind I'm telling you. I think the trees are talking, I think they know we are here. I think we better move on, you know what they do to humans. Please, let's move...
— Human before she were hanged
by Heroforge by Nathalia Books
Some Ravens of The Conspiracy of the White Raven tried to understand it. But the soon gave up.  

by Heroforge by Nathalia Books

The trees are talking, do you hear? I have no idea what they are saying. Not, I didn't try to understand it. But that language is extremely difficult.
— Raven

The language Itself

Sound effect
    The language, between the trees, is more a sort of sign language with sounds. Like the beating of branches, and rustling leaves.

Common use

Clumbish is often described as, Slow sonorous, agglomerated, repetitive and long-winded. A single sound can be a whole sentence, or just one letter of it.


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Spoken by

Leatherleaf Clumbfoot

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