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Leatherleaf Clumbfoot

Hanging tree

Need for wood is great, the forest of endless trees disappears. A man with love for nature and skills of science. A tree with a deadly grasp. A forest full of tears, and no turning back.
— White Raven Quill


by jplenio


The outside of the tree is covered in yellow brown bark, inside is bloodred wood. Under the trunk, it leads to great root network.  


The leaves of the tree are black and look a lot like a piece of rough leather. They rarely fall, and if they do, this means that the tree is at the end of their life.  


The vines hang like ropes between the branches, waiting for humans who come through the forest. They catch the humans and hang them by the necks until they die. The tree then lets the human loose, and the body rots away in the forest floor.



Some say that he was crazy, others say that he got what he deserves. I honestly can't say what I'm thinking, but those trees are deadly.
— Villager
Mister Clumbfoot was an Alchemist by trade, he made many things. But the one thing he would be remembered for is the creation of the Leatherleaf Clumbfoot, which he named after himself. He saw that the endless forest had slimmed down. As a person who loves nature, he didn't like that, so he made the Leatherleaf Clumbfoot. They could defend themselves, and Mister Clumbfoot was killed by the trees during this progress.
Mister Clumbfoot
by Heroforge by Nathalia Books


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Scientific Classification

Folium Zonam

Geographic Location

Forest of Tears

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