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Ogda Karli

Ogda Karli, or oldest Karli, is the earliest precursor of Karli, the most common language spoken in the Garyialan Empire. It isn't spoken or written any longer, and hasn't been for many centuries. Only a few written records of the language exist, mainly on deer antlers and scapula, and few etched into stone.

Oldest Karli Language

Garyialan philologists have struggled a long time trying to find the roots of the Karli language. Some of the oldest written documents such as Chronicles of the Histories (post-Collapse, c. 562 SD), Epics of the Greater Past (pre-Collapse, c. 1100 BD), and Book of Elevated Queens and Kings (pre-Collapse, c. 1000-600 BD) are all written in different forms of Og Karli, or old Karli. A clear resemblance exists between these forms and current Karli, with similar symbols and grammar structure.
In contrast, Ogda Karli uses a set of different symbols, and the grammar seems very strange when literally translated into current Karli. Because of this, philologists were divided into two groups: one arguing the language to be a precursor of Karli, the other arguing the language to be a completely different language all together.
Eventually, the first group of philologists found evidence in their favour. The Rofani Scapula is a large flat deer scapula (of a species now likely extinct) inscribed with philosophical and mystical notes. The language used is neither Ogda Karli nor Og Karli, but instead a clear transition between the two. While the grammar still greatly resembles Ogda Karli, some symbols resemble the ones found in Og Karli, suggesting these symbols appeared while older ones fell out of use.

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