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The language of the The Lusterless was derived from their native tongue: The Shimmering elves in the The Trolloch Federation (Region). The tongue was called Shoven, and since only handful of Shimmering elves remain in Omnusat Island the language has almost been lost to the world.   The Shimmering elves did not believe in taking ink to paper, for culling trees in order to preserve knowledge was not in their nature: Such long-lived folk tended to pass on knowledge through oral tradition and manual teaching. This graceful tongue sounded much like the whispering of wind through the trees: It was truly a quiet tongue, full of strange pauses and volume variations. It is said that they could talk to both the beasts of the land and the plants they lived among with this tongue.   The shimmering elves did not much care for outsider intererence, and so only a handful of outsiders ever came to know this language. Among the ones who are still living and rumored to speak this ancient tongue are:
  • Fl'ey'll - The Woodland dragon and her brood in the south of the The Trolloch Federation (Region)
  • The Lusterless would certainly have knowledge of their native tongue, but locating such a creature is a dangerous choice.
  • The Librarian - Once there was a man who sought to preserve all knowledge in one place: within the confines of his mind. He gave up his humanity in his search for power, knowledge, and longevity. He offers the knowledge he has accumulated: but it always comes with a price. .

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