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Aresian (ah-RESS-ee-an)

The Language of the Ancients

Written by UmbralGoat

Aresian is the modern name given to the language of the Ancient Dragons. The few surviving records from before the Dark Era describe this language being spoken very rarely, only ever when two Ancients were observed to have an altercation over territory. The language was also referred to as Death-speak, or the Language of Fire. The former for its common omen of destruction and the latter for its use of firebreath as accents.

This esoteric language wasn't understood for eons, but following the reparations from the Time of The Rebirth, Aresian was found to be the key to the development of advanced magic by the Faelen, thought to play a significant role in the functions of the Soul.


Ancients never spoke directly to mortals, their actions sufficed as communication of judgment. This was a very simple relationship between mortal and dragon: if the civilizations provided sacrifice and wealth for their Guardian's hoard, then they would be offered protection within their territory in return. However, with hoards becoming popular among dragons, it also become popular for wandering Ancients to seek out other hoards and battle for their wealth.

This was the most common occurence of this language's use in the Time of The Ancients, and it gave onlookers of the confrontation the rare chance to hear the divine language. There were many suggestions that some had tried to translate their language, but all were in vain. These attempts were belittled by leaders of villages, claiming that there was a reason their language was not understandable, and that the attempts to learn and/or speak the divine tongue were detestable, a great disrespect to their position as higher beings. This is thought to be out of fear that if an Ancient were to hear a mortal speaking their language, they might immediately bring destruction.

In the cosmology of the Celestials, had Saturn not won the battle at the turn of the Dark Era, it's thought that this language would have been completely lost, as the destruction would have continued until nothing was left.

Modern Usage

Aresian was much more commonly taught in the years before the great alliances made between Kovura and other nations; primarily, before the Celestial Empire's existance. It began to decline in usage following the rise of Jupiter because of the regulations that had been put on magic. It was seen as too dangerous for the common folk to be using in their everyday lives, as opposed to the much simpler Soul Magic, and special permission would often be needed (educational purposes, jobs, military, etc.) to publically display Dragonmind Magic.

Still, this has not stopped many from learning the language and developing their magic outside the bounds of the law, though this applies to those who dedicate several months, even years to the practice and fine-tune their skills.


Mountainous Ancient Dragons
Used most commonly in the years before widespread magic regulation. In the modern day, it is only spoken by advanced magic users.

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