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A secret script language once used by elven outlaws. It is written on stones, trees or hidden in paintings. It looks like a bunch of crooked lines to be hard to spot in nature or paintings for an untrained eye.   The names comes from the lines that makes up the language looking like birch trees. In the early days of the script messages were often hidden in images by actually hiding the characters as birch trees. Users soon thought it was far too obvious and started hiding the messages in other objects or patterns in drawings.   Was first used about 1300 BP.

Writing System

Birchenscript uses 13 different characters that look like a combination of crooked lines. It also has four characters to represent the numbers 0 - 3.


Birchenscript is a solely written language. As it was used by elves, if it ever was to be read out loud, it would roughly translated to the local elven dialect.


Most words in Birchenscript are two to four characters. Some common prepositions are one character.


Birchenscript have a simplified elven syntax. As the most important part of Birchenscript is too hide a message in as few characters as possible prepositions, conjunctions and conjugations are often left out. Nouns, adjectives and verbs are the same in Birchenscript. Many interpretations can be made of the same meaning thou commonly one is more probable.


Birchenscript has a lot fewer words than most languages. Specific words are substituted with generic ones. For example both axe and sword would be substituted with weapon. As there is no word for horse it would only be refereed to as animal ride, a simplified description of "a animal to be riden".

Structural Markers

Birchenscript uses no specific structural markers. But commonly one object, or symbol, is seen at the start and end of a message.   For example one famus Birchenscript painting had a duckling both near the start and end of the message, which in that painting was created from sticks and stones spread in the mud.

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