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Old Solori

Old Solori was the language spoken by the extinct Solori people. It was once spoken worldwide prior to the First Dawn, after an eruption of Syn Evokiyad, the majority of those who spoke it died out. Solori script is often found on old ruins, mostly in the region of Cyra, which is the region that suffered the least from the eruption. The nation of Avalateur is where most of these ruins are concentrated, implying it may have been the Solori cultural capital. Old Solori is the basis for the modern language of Cyran, which is spoken by mainly by the Andura of Indra and the Biru of Tola Nai. Solori itself is no longer spoken consistently anywhere in modern Naikwan, but some universities teach it as an elective.

Writing System

Solori consists of swirly, looping letters. Letters are written in such a way that all letters in a word will connect, similar to cursive. The same alphabet is used in Cyran, with some modifications.

Geographical Distribution

Solori was once spoken across all parts of Naikwan, as can be surmised from old ruins with Solori script that have been found all across the realm. After Syn Evokiyad erupted, most who spoken were wiped out by the initial blast, and many died later in the volcanic winter that followed. The Solori who survived lived in the region that would come to be known as Cyra, thus creating the basis for the Cyran language to later evolve from Solori.

Sentence Structure

Old Solori is a SVO language, meaning that sentence structure is in subject-object-verb format.

Adjective Order

Adjectives are placed after the subject being described.


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