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Mines of the Slime

Home of the Slime and Ocultos Goblins, the Mines of the Slime are a cave system found on the Eastern side of Elone.  


The Mines of the Slime have only two ways to enter, the chasm beside Dembar and the cave that lies beside Gei Renshon's mountain.
Dustis Drasashi by Jarhed
  To get in another way, one would have to find adjacent cave systems that connect, such as the Dark Elven Caves, the deep tunnel at the far end of Votarra Den, or the Fuccium Mines of Suzuishan.  

The Caves

The Mines of the Slime sprawl throughout most of Elone, at least, though some say they even spread across the entire world. A tunnel system, yet it is far too dangerous for even the strongest to travel too far within it.


The Mines of the Slime have two major groups of sapient residents: the Slime and the Ocultos Goblins.   The Slime have lived there as a people since they were created by the Goddess Fortuna in -1394. For this, they are most associated with the caves.   The Ocultos Goblins, on the other hands, fled to these Mines when Humanity arrived led by Gellark Lionrage. The Goblin Morrus did not want subjugation nor rule by a little girl, so he and a group of followers settled in the Mines of the Slime.


There are hazards throughout the Mines of the Slime, far beyond the Slime or Ocultos Goblins themselves, though they are not always friendly to outsiders trespassing on their land. They may attack, though if one can convince them that they mean no harm to the Slime people or the Ocultos Goblins, they may be allowed safe passage through the Slime Kingdoms.   However, that is when true danger comes. The Slime Kingdoms that lie deeper within the Mines, who have less connections to the outside, are said to be the strongest and the most unwilling to accept change. The Ocultos Goblins are wary of those from the surface that their ancestors had left behind under Morrus's rule.
Morrus by Jarhed


Jarrur, Lord of the Dark, the Purple Dragon Lord King of the Dark Elves, resides at the central part of the Elone cave, at the exit into the Dark Elven Cave. He is said to prevent entrance into the Mines from the Dark Elves and prevent the dangers of the cave from seeping into his kingdom.   Jarrur is the greatest threat in the Mines, at least of the known creatures within, as he is one of the strongest beings in the world. If one crosses paths with him, they best hope they are a subject of his Dark Elven Kingdom, because otherwise he is not very merciful.   There are likely other Dragons within the caves, particularly Purple. It is said also that the Copper Dragon Lord Xeildrom the Jealous lies deep underground in the mines, as far away from people as he can be.  

Other Creatures

Bats, spiders, and other such underground lifeforms can be found beneath the ground in these caves. In some places, animals and monsters who made their way down from the surface can be found, like Dinosaurs from Udai.   In other cases, there are said to be indescribable horrors in the Mines, in areas where none have survived travel, or at least none have returned. Myceli are one such example of the horrors of the Mines, and they were initially still found fairly close to the surface, beyond Jarrur.   The Monstruo de Eco are said to be able to call out to people from within the caves, drawing them further in, where they will come across monsters like Basilisks that can freeze them in place. It is said as well that a portal to the Void may lie somewhere in the caves, and that certainly a portal to Hell and the Elemental Planes is within the Mines.  


There are many types of resources that can be found within the Mines of the Slime. Due to its proximity to the source of Fuccium, Suzuishan, it is abundant in that tough metal alongside most other naturally occuring metals, even some that is rarely seen like Silent Silver. There are also likely fragments of Thorasite found within the Mines.   Stories say that the Sage Scepter, which once belonged to Mimir when he and Satanael ruled over Camor, is also somewhere scattered into pieces in the Mines.   Many seek the resources, but few have the courage to scour the deep chasm of the Mines of the Slime and actually get them. Few have the strength or intellect to navigate the dangers of the Mines, which has yielded very few successful expeditions.

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