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Monstruo de Eco

Monstruo de Eco, also known as the Echo Monster, is a creature said to live in caves. Legend has it that the Echo Monster collects voices, using them to draw people into caves so that it may eat them.  

The Creature

The Echo Monster is said to have dark grey skin that blends into the rocks of a cave, though it is believed to have camouflage like a chameleon that allows it to hide anywhere.   It is said to have a hunched back and a rough, almost rock-like, texture upon being touched.  
Ishtar by Jarhed
The Echo Monster has an flexible throat that is said to grow in size the more voices it absorbs, with it growing a new set of vocal chords for each new voice. With this, it can mimic the speech of anyone whom it has heard.   However, it cannot say back a word that it has not heard. It can only repeat words it has heard each voice say and nothing more.  


The Echo Monster feeds on meat, particularly the type of meat that people are made of. It, thus, tries to lure people into its cave so that it may eat them.   Without people, the Echo Monster can only live off of bugs and other cave-dwelling animals.  


It is said that in the warmer months, these cold-blooded creatures undergo a sort of hibernation, preserving themselves for the time of year when people are more likely to squat in caves: the cold season of winter.  

Growth Rate and Stages

The Echo Monster grows fast, growing to maturity in five years. However, it undergoes various stages of life as it grows.   First, it is born and is not too dissimilar from a rock. It cannot move.   When it is about a year old, it begins to move, but is not nimble enough to move very fast. It is still learning.   When it has grown, it is said to be incredibly fast, able to get the jump on anyone and chew through flesh with its sharp teeth and claws.   Finally, in its final years, an Echo Monster's legs grow heavy and can no longer lift off of the ground. Its arms begin to drag as well, and it moves only by sliding around on the ground at a snail's pace.

Legend of the Echo Monster

It is said in Alzirgos that there was once a Goblin Matriarch named Eco, who had greyish-green skin. Eco ruled over Alzirgos before the Humans came to find it.   Eco was told by the Goddess Ishtar to allow the Humans into her land, but Eco refused. She said that the Humans did not belong in Alzirgos.   Eco continued to speak against the Humans, spreading the news to her subordinates and telling them to spread it to her people, creating a chain from which her slander would be passed down.   Ishtar, enraged at Eco's unwillingness to accept, decided to punish her with a simple curse. Eco would be unable to tell slanderous words herself. Instead, she could only repeat what others said to her. She could only echo.   The Goblins of Alzirgos became confused, orderless, and Eco herself was lost in the crowd. No longer a leader, she had no power to say anything but the slander that began to be spread of her. That she had abandoned her people either in fear of the Humans or so that she may live amongst them.   Eco fled to a cave, where the green in her skin drained, and she remained hunched over a rock. Eternally a monster for her monstrous attitude towards Humanity, as a symbol of what happens to one who is not accepting, she now must accept all into her home so that she may survive off of their meat, not discriminating in any sense.

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