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Fulkac Sagar

Fulkac Sagar was the 58th Grand Wizard of the Draconian people. He was raised in the same place he died, the capital city of Zephys, and only held his title for a singular year.  


Fulkac Sagar was not born in any of the Draconian settlements. Instead, he was born on a boat in the rough seas of the Great Sea. As his mother was giving birth to him, Fulkac Sagar's ship was being attacked by the Southern Nereids.   His father died in the battle, and when his mother brought him to the top of the deck to show her husband (whom she thought was alive) she was also killed, as a trident flew through her chest. The Southern Nereids are not monsters, and did not decide to kill the newborn Fulkac. Instead, the commander of their army, Jadas Jugudath, decided it would be best to leave the ship and set it to sail back to the Draconian capital of Zephys.  

The Beastmaster

Echus Rhozire by Jarhed
When his ship sailed through the Bay of Wonders and into Zephys, it was found by a pack of animals that were roaming the street. They brought the baby to the Magic College, where the 54th Grand Wizard, the Beastmaster Echus Rhozire, found him. Rhozire laughed at the idiocy of someone who would leave their child to nature, but then said aloud:
"Well, if they'd really like to leave their child to the wolves, who am I to stop them?"
— Echus Rhozire
  He ordered his wolf pack that roamed Zephys to raise the child. Thus, Fulkac Sagar grew up with no home, instead roaming the streets with his wolf family. Thus he was a very bestial man, and was not very articulate in his speech.  

Unlucky Path

Fulkac Sagar once crossed a dangerous path. When he was 10 years old, he met the son of Echus Rhozire: Otikul Nurdesh. Otikul saw Fulkac with the beasts of his father and, to spite his father, attacked Fulkac.
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed
  However, it was not Otikul who took Fulkac's eye. Instead, Otikul pushed Fulkac into a window, which shattered and glass shards pierced his eye, taking it out.   There is no guarantee of exactly why Fulkac was so unlucky, though some say that the Luck Mage or Curse Mage cursed him. Other stories say he was born unlucky, cursed by the Gods themselves or perhaps fated to misfortune.  

Attending the College

In 449, Fulkac heard that Echus was killed. Spurned on by this, he tried to get into the Magic College. However, he failed his application and was not allowed in. He tried again in 450 but, once again, was rejected.   In 451, he tried out for a third time. Once more, he was rejected, and nearly gave up... until he watched one of the students in the class, a Wind Jinn, die of food poisoning on the street. Fulkac received a letter not long after from the 55th Grand Wizard, Stomle Acoria, that he was allowed into the Magic College in the open spot.   Fulkac's time at the Magic College was not very eventful. Some may even call this a lucky break for them, as tragedy could happen if big events were going on.  
Stomle Acoria by Jarhed

Fated Death Avoided

Yet misfortune still found them. While not on the level of the average Magic College atrocity, the College was said to have caught fire thirteen times while Fulkac was in school. The source could never be tracked, but always it began in the vicinity of the room he was in.   He often woke up in his dorm to find poison gas in it, but there were no known mages who would be able to do such a thing. Fate, it seemed, wanted him dead. Yet luck would have it that he would suffer all the pain but reap not the reward of a swift end.  


Upon their graduation tournament, Fulkac watched as the Bortanians and Evitians fought each other. Two of his classmates were unlucky enough to die in the battle, while others merely failed to win.   Fulkac himself lost his first match, but as he prepared to fight his way through the loser's bracket, he found that every one of his classmates had been injured so bad during their other matches that he had no fights in Loser's Bracket, and when he made it to the end, a meteor fell from the sky and hit both him and the other finalist, Eltes Otifarn, were crushed beneath its weight.

Class of 455

Fulkac Sagar was a member of the Class of 455, called "The Unlucky Year." Some say he was the one to bring misfortune upon them, while others say some other tragic fate cursed them all.  

Inactive Members

All members of the Class of 455 died tragic deaths, which one cannot even blame on the Curse of the Valedictorian, as Fulkac died last. Here are the students aside from Fulkac.  
  • Elser Goe- A Halfling born in Vitroveil, he was hunted down by a criminal organizaiton from his home.
  • Emmin- A Dwarf born in the isolated city of Landhelm, he fell off of the mountain when he returned home.
  • Drathtal Sabor- A Draconian Bard from Ealla who drowned in Lashmur Lake.
  • Gebol- A Mamman born in Evity, he was killed before graduation by the Bortanians in the class.
  • Spirrysin- A Dark Elven Assassin who accidentally fell off of Upper Zephys to his death.
  • Selnoa- A Gnome from Martinau, she was smothered to death by cats.
  • l'Rub- An Anuran who was sacrificed to Reoma the Wretched.
  • Asya- A Fairy, her name meant born during time of grief, and her ship was sunk on its way back to Shafai.
  • Qat- Intending to become the Goblin matriarch, Qat was caught in an avalanche on her way back to Votarra Den.
  • Triethane- A Wood Elven Man from the outskirts of Camor, Triethane tried to enter the city after graduation and was shot down by the Elven Guard.
  • Drain- A Water Jinn Man from Bortan, he was killed before graduation by Accicath Hegar from Evity.
  • Honker- A Korvian Woman, she laughed herself to death after witnessing Henroik D Qlown and the Really Funny Fit.
  • Sacaryn- A High Elven Woman from Camor who went into the forest to greet Triethane when he tried to visit, but tripped on a branch and snapped her neck.
  • Eltes Otifarn- A Bortanian Draconian, Otifarn was killed in a battle against Accicath Hegar because of a miscommunication between the two.
  • Accicath Hegar- She was from Evity and died in the same battle as Otifarn.
433 ME 478 ME 45 years old
Place of Death
However, Fulkac was the first one to stand, barely managing to get up through his pain. Otifarn was lucky enough to be knocked out, but Fulkac was forced to feel every bit of pain from the meteor. Broken bones, ruptured lungs, squashed organs, all of the worst possible pains at once had overwhelmed the now valedictorian of the Class of 455.  
Axas Thampoc by Jarhed
This was not the end of Fulkac's bad luck. In fact, it grew worse afterwards due to the Curse of the Valedictorian.  

Curse of the Unlucky

This began immediately, as Grand Wizard Stomle Acoria tried to congratulate Fulkac. A sword flew through the arena, and as Stomle blocked it, he bumped into Fulkac, then sliding on ice and falling onto his own blade. By incompetence and misfortune alone, Valedictorian Fulkac Sagar had killed the 55th Grand Wizard Stomle Acoria.   As unlucky as that was, Fulkac was happy. He wanted to be Grand Wizard, and was excited to gain the credit for killing him.   Yet that did not happen. Instead, the Yirthum Grand Wizard Axas Thampoc, who had thrown her blade at Stomle, took credit for the attack and was put into the position of Grand Wizard.   Axas had a special trick related to Enchantment. With this trick, she enchanted another person to use as a second body for herself. This person lost all will of their own and only was able to do whatever Axas did.   Fulkac considered this a terrible fate for many reasons. Of course one of them was that Axas had basically enslaved a woman and forced her to lose all of her will so she could have a secondary warrior. For another, Fulkac felt a connection to this unknown woman. He wanted to meet her, who she truly was. He considered that it might be love.   Fulkac spent ten years training to take Axas down and free the girl. Often the training yielded little fruit, as he would swing his axe and it would slip from his hand. Then, it would either cut into him or anyone nearby, leading to him being forced to relocate often for accidental murder.  

Not Chief, But Captain

Fulkac even tried to move to Yirthum, where he believed he could be Chief. However, it was not as easy as it seemed. Yirthum rang alarm bells at his coming and he was forced to flee. He lived in the Elven Forest for a time before eventually he believed, for no reason necessarily, that he was ready to take down Axas.   Fulkac swore he would take down Axas, but in the end, when the time came, he found out Axas died without him having to do anything. The girl he had wanted to free died with her, the two bound together til the end. Fulkac cried for two weeks straight.   He never learned the name of the one who took her out, he cared little for it. They were more accomplished than him, not to mention the fact that Fulkac had lost the one thing he yearned for, and so he gave up his quest for Grand Wizardship. So he chartered a fleet and decided to sail south. If he was going to get revenge, he would get it on the Nereid who killed his parents. Jadas Jugudath would pay.  

Too Little, Too Late

For six years, Captain Fulkac and his crew sailed the Great Sea searching for Jadas Jugudath. Eventually, he plunged into the ocean and attacked the Nereids, but he found that none of them fought back.   The Southern Nereids reported to Fulkac that Jadas had died five years after Fulkac was born. He checked in on Fulkac, always visiting Zephys but was never able to get close to him due to the Wolf Pack. One day when Jadas returned, he suffered a fatal heart attack and passed on, with his last words being:
"Fulkac... may you take my luck. You can live in peace then."
— Jadas Jugudath
The Southern Nereids were ordered by Jadas to give Fulkac passage into their lands, which was why they never attacked him. They said he was a son of the sea and was welcome to live there, however Fulkac refused. Jadas never truly passed on his luck, and if he did it only made Fulkac's life worse. He wanted nothing to do with them.  
Felonius Questus by Jarhed

Return to Zephys

Fulkac tried to return back to Zephys on his ship. However, he was caught in a horrible storm that would not go away. It sent his ship nearly into the Great Dip, and when he sailed away, his ship crashed into Stallbourne. He was captured and interrogated by the World Court, then released for being:
"Uninterestingly Nonthreatening
"The Kind of Omen that Priests Warn You About."

The 58th Grand Wizard

Finally, he made it back in his ship to find the city in a panic. The 57th Grand Wizard had been killed the night before by a pack of wolves and no one knew what to do. Otikul Nurdesh, the son of Echus Rhozire, suggested they just let the seat remain empty, but the rest of the Noble Council laughed at him. Instead, they realized that it had to have been Fulkac, who grew up with a pack of wolves.   Fulkac had no knowledge of this assassination, but shrugged and agreed. He didn't necessarily want the title anymore, but he'd take it. It was a good job, and he'd get prominence and power now.   He was not suited to the paperwork. He could hardly read due to his upbringing around wolves, and he never was around the villages long enough to understand their struggles. He didn't know what Tamd even was, and now he had reports of them attacking some place called Ealla? What did that even mean?   Not to mention his misfortune began to spread around Zephys. Random incidents began happening and he heard reports of heavy complaints being filed for him to fix things. People started to even think he was causing all of the trouble, and the people who once flocked behind him now turned around and pointed their blades at him, hating him and saying he was the cause behind all of it.  

The Unluckiest of Deaths

One day before the one-year anniversary of his Grand Wizardship, however, Zephys was invaded by an unknown army. Fulkac knew this was his time to shine and went down to Lower Zephys to defend the city.   However, as he was fighting, a man left his house and saw Fulkac and the head of the army fighting. This man was Felonius Questus, an Enchanter from Ealla who had no knowledge of what was happening. He saw Fulkac fighting and believed he was a threat, unaware that Fulkac was the Grand Wizard.   Thus, Felonius Questus accidentally murdered the 58th Grand Wizard, waking up the next day to find that he had been spotted and promoted to the 59th Grand Wizard position. Felonius would spend his tenure in the position wanting to die, not wanting the responsibility of being the Grand Wizard. For Fulkac's final bit of unluckiness was passing the title on to the one person who wanted it least in all of the world.
The Diary of Felonius Questus
Day One
  Dear Diary,   It's been a crazy day. I went outside yesterday and found some guy in the streets trying to fight. I defended myself, but I accidentally killed him. Then I turn around, and Zephys is being invaded! I helped fight 'em off, and go to bed. That would be crazy enough, right?   Well guess what? That wasn't just any guy in the streets I killed. That was the damn 58th Grand Wizard! This morning, people were outside the door calling me a hero and saying I was Grand Wizard now. I tried to decline, and they said that I wasn't allowed to.   But Grand Wizard can't be that bad, right? Wrong. It's the worst job ever. I get into the office, and it turns out this piece of garbage predecessor of mine left me a whole mountain of paperwork. I don't know shit about politics, I was born in Ealla! I moved to Zephys to avoid inter-village politics, and now here I am. But it's fine. We're in this... Grand Wizard Struggle or whatever they call it. Surely I'll be assassinated sometime soon.   Your Soon-to-be-Dead Grand Wizard,   Felonius Questus.

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