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Noble Council

The Draconian Noble Council is a governing body of Draconian territory filled with some of the most influential nobles in Draconian society.  

The Structure

Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed
The Draconian Noble Council is led by the Noble Head of the Draconian Council, often the oldest, wisest, and/or most experienced member of the nobility. They lead discussions, ultimately deciding what does and doesn't get spoken about at Noble Council meetings.   After that, there are two representatives from every Draconian Village. These are normally the two largest families, though in other cases they try to scoop up newer noble families like the Eltans so they can not only get them to understand the noble culture, but also influence them into the way of thinking that the nobles are more suited to.   How the largest families are determined is in technicality a vote, not from the people of the village, but from the current representatives on the council. They vote whenever a vacancy fills up from either a death, retirement, disappearance, or if a representative is on vacation for an extended period of time.  
Aaren Ildial by Jarhed
The village who is at the head of the Noble Council gets an extra seat, which is why Dembar has a third seat in the current council. This third seat is normally given not to someone who is born noble, but instead someone with noble spirit elevated to a noble position.   The noble representatives each have equal power, not just in voting, but with the veto as well. The nobles love their veto power, and can veto any decision they do not like. However, another noble can veto said veto, which ultimately boils down to who ends up with the final veto, meaning that vetos can just end up as votes for or against something.

Council Members of 550

  • Otikul Nurdesh- Dembar
  • Funxath Soliann- Dembar
  • Krichor Parvroth- Dembar
  • Aaren Ildial- Evity
  • Kaltoth Vracrath- Evity
  • Klamtear Beldorin- Tamd
  • Vaphak Uphal- Tamd
  • Jargar Eltan- Yirthum
  • Dripnoral Thampoc- Yirthum
  • Draful Ravofarn- Bortan
  • Crocak Daxur- Bortan
  • Luciandrid Zrarakas- Ealla
  • Dranketh Wulfras- Ealla
  • Narjeth Yelrath- Waire
  • Paragon Caerxan- Waire
  • Drorthod Lormorn- Ilder
  • Oraakil Mardaar- Ilder

About the Current Council

The current Noble Head of the Council is Otikul Nurdesh. The title was offered first to Aaren Ildial, but he refused it.   Due to Drorthod Lormorn and Uustac Acoria moving to the new village of Ilder, it is likely that two new seats will be added to the villages that lost their seats to Ilder: Waire and Evity. Waire also lost its other representative, leaving a vacant seat.
There are some holdouts in terms of membership. In particular, Bortanian representatives often raise eyebrows when they are chosen. Records differ on whether a Tilrak has ever served on the Noble Council, with some saying there are few but some, while others say there is no evidence of this.   It is called by nobles the Phrixus Issue. Bortan is the only village that officially worships Phrixus only, and due to this the other villages wish to limit Phrixus representation and legislation on the council. Thus, they choose nobles whose lineage traces back to Bortan in one way or another, but who are now more isolated from the traditions and values they come from. These people are called Abortanian, because they are not really affiliated with Bortan, yet they still carry Bortanian blood.  

The Meeting Place

Krichor Parvroth by Jarhed
The Noble Council meets within the home of the Noble Head of the Council. As all nobles are to have mansions in Upper Zephys, the Noble Head is meant to then graciously accept the other representatives into their home and treat them as honored guests. The guests, then, are not meant to disrespect the host, and this is intended to make for civil discussion. In practice, this is not exactly the case.   In the case the Noble Head's home is unavailable, for reasons listed in the foundational document such as spousal troubles or if the Noble Head's spouse is using the mansion for another purpose, it is voted on by the other representatives whose house they are then to meet at. Often the nicest home is chosen, which usually results in either one of the richer Evity families or the fancier Yirthum families.  

The Duty

The Noble Council has a duty that is much more blunt than that of the Grand Wizard or the Chief. The Noble Council is to preserve the dignity and peace in Draconian territory by striking at its heart: the nobility that keep things running.   They make laws specifically that apply to the nobility, as they claim they know best what is needed. Some argue that those who are not directly affected by the laws and can exploit them should be making the laws, which is why the Grand Wizard will often step in and stop these laws. After all, while the Noble Council has power, the Grand Wizard has final say on all laws that apply to the wider Draconian territory.   Their most important duty is choosing the next Grand Wizard. While a Grand Wizard can choose their successor, the ultimate decision is up to the Noble Council. They then either make the decision of if the Grand Wizard's choice (if one exists) was correct, if the person who killed the Grand Wizard should take the seat, or if there is another who is more worthy of the position. The most famous example of Noble Council meddling is the 63rd Grand Wizard, Thalmejis Durzire, a noble who was appointed because the Council wanted control of the position after the 520 Massacre.  
Uustac Acoria by Jarhed
Due to this duty they hold, the Noble Council are considered the true power behind the Grand Wizard, and it is even said that if they so pleased they could eject a Grand Wizard from power. Due to this, Grand Wizards often seek to please the Noble Council, and consider this a greater duty than even appeasing the Chiefs.  

The Origin

The Noble Council originates from the first Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial. In his attempt to unify all of the villages which had, at that point, been completely separate city-states without any reason to believe they are or should ever be the same country.   Kilprax offered the position to one noble family from the four existing villages of Bortan, Tamd, Evity, and Ealla, while also making a seat for his new village of Yirthum. These families were:

The Five Families

The five families initially appointed to the Noble Council are considered to be the most influential families in their respective villages, though many things have changed about them throughout history. While the Daxurs are still one of the most well known families from Bortan, the Tilraks now stand alongside them.   As for the Nurdeshes, they now have two branches to their family: one that still resides in Tamd, but a much more well known branch in Dembar.   The Durzires moved to Zephys, the capital city, and stayed there. As for the other two, the Vorsashi and the Kiljahn, they have fallen out of favor in Draconian Territory since their glory days.
  • Daxur (Bortan)
  • Nurdesh (Tamd)
  • Durzire (Yirthum)
  • Vorsashi (Evity)
  • Kiljahn (Ealla)
It was the second Grand Wizard, Tobor Tuldad, who increased the seats on the council to include a Noble Head, which he appointed to Yirthum because of the Elves, who controlled not just his actions, but also that of Yirthum. He made the rule that a Noble Head's seat on the council meant their village got an extra seat in addition.   It was the fourth Grand Wizard, Wiscys Nicandir, who then gave every member another seat, with two total for all except the Noble Head village, which would then have three. She did this because of outrage from Tamd at their misrepresentation on the Noble Council.
  The 28th Grand Wizard, Myilthusuc Faerbor, who was from Yirthum but used her creation the Flame of Bortan to pose as a Bortanian. Many expected her to then use her power to attempt to get better representation on the Noble Council, but instead she used her influence to get onto the Noble Council so that she could choose a successor. She tried to choose one who would not overthrow her, but after eleven years, the successor, the 29th Grand Wizard Dical Bavroth, grew tired and killed Myilthusuc Faerbor.   After that, Grand Wizards have not been allowed onto the Noble Council, though some Noble Councils throughout history have allowed the Grand Wizard to either sit in or even, in some cases, get a few words in during some meetings.

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