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Holy Might

Holy Might is the power of the Gods, which can be granted to their followers. It is also an overarching term to describe the power of the Gods itself.  

What Is It?

Holy Might is a boost in power that can be gained by followers of a God. It grants someone a special power, ability, or boon which makes them stronger or more capable. Some seek power through this, some seek aid, while others seek guidance.   A Holy Might can be as simple as a new ability, or as complex as a set of circumstances which must be fulfilled before a certain effect can be reached. For examples of this, please check the sidebar.   The Holy Might itself is fairly personal, being a symbol of the bond between a God and their follower. It is based on a personality trait or ideal of the person wielding it, as well as fitting into the domain of their God.  

Gaining the Might

To gain Holy Might, one must be a devoted follower. It varies from God to God on what they require from someone, though often it is a good amount of prayer and some kind of test. This test can vary depending on the God and the person. Every step of this process, from the start of it to the end and the Holy Might itself, is personalized.
Mortality by RovaRed
  After this is over, the Gods will simply sit down and chat with this follower. They will sometimes even grant them a vision of their Heavenly Realm, or bring them there temporarily. After this, a Holy Might is gained.   This can be done by all sorts of people: Head Priests, Priests, Clerics, Paladins, and even just intensely devoted followers. It, of course, takes a large amount of faith. A God will not let just anyone get their Holy Might. There needs to be belief both ways, and a mutual bond between God and follower.   Due to this being a personal relationship, the abilities are unique, as has been stated above. It cannot be copied because one would need to have an exact relationship with that God. Therefore, these are the most unique of all abilities, and are personal to every person. It is near impossible to have the same Holy Might as someone else, as that would require being similar to someone else and having the same relationship with the same God.
Helle by Jarhed

Might of the Domain

Domains are the things that Gods themselves rule over. For instance, Helle is Goddess of Greed, Envy, Draconians, and Chromatic Dragons. These are her Domains. Therefore, these are the powers she can grant from.   Gods have their own Holy Might, which is what they use to trickle it down to mortals. Their own powers, which are granted from their domains, are a special kind of Holy Might called Might of the Domain. These are some of the strongest powers in all realms, like Hadur's creation, which can create a sea of lava that creates anything Hadur desires.
Halfer Ravengrove by Jarhed

Examples of Holy Might

  • Halfer Ravengrove- Head Priest of Fortuna, Halfer uses the Holy Might of Luck, which grants him the best possible outcome. With this, he can go into battle knowing that luck will carry him through it. He can also travel knowing that he will end up in the best place for him.
  • Thaamis Tazziros- Head Priest of Phrixus, uses the Holy Might of Nobility when he enters a fight late and waits for the right moment to join in, he enters it with increased abilities.
  • Mortality- Head Priest of Satanael, Mortality has the Holy Might Trade, which allows him to trade material possessions for added years to his life.
  • Briffault Law- Former Head Priest of Athena, Briffault has the Holy Might Invention, she can motivate someone to create something new and important, and successfully doing so grants them a boost in power. However, this also grants a boost in power to her.
  • Monolith- Head Priest of Sia, Monolith has the Holy Might of Knowledge. Using this, Monolith knows all the weaknesses of an opponent who approaches him with hostile intention. Due to this, his brother Obelisk refused to fight him, despite disliking Monolith in the past.
  • Obelisk- Priest of Sia, Obelisk has the Holy Might of Skill. He feels like he works harder than people who are more awarded than him. Therefore, his Holy Might grants him an insight into the techniques of an opponent.

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